CTEK - not for the van ??

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  1. "Bump" for my hijack ... Keen to crack on :thumbsup:
  2. Doesn't seem to be mate,
    Turned the Ctek off last night about 11 and it was showing 12.6 volts . Checked it this afternoon after being dormant for 11 hours and it's still at 12.6 .
    Anyone give me a clue how to measure the ampage ??
    Got a decent Fluke meter so should be able to do it but can't seem to get a reading on the amp setting...

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  3. Amperage of...charging current? Assume you’ve swapped your Flukey leads to the current position and just connected it in series with the +ve line from the charger. If no current’s showing, maybe it’s not charging.

    Watch it’s not charging like crazy, or might blow the fuse (commonly 10A) in the meter.
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  4. Amps is a measurement of current drawn so it needs to be inline with the load not across the terminals
  5. 12.6 volts is 100% charged so charger shouldn't be putting out any voltage
  6. 12.6 volts is not quite 100% charged .

    I would expect a charger to bounce up to about 14.2 volts to start with and then hold at about 13.8 volts on charge..

    It seems like that charger is a not doing its job.

    If you want to measure current you often have to move test probes to a current connection on the meter... or replace the fancy sand filled fuse inside it because somebody put it across a supply like a car battery on a current range.
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  7. Agreed on all counts Mike , it`s gradually working it`s way up , 13.2v 3 hours ago and now at 14.3v which , according to the bumph - is how it should be working :D

    As for the meter - Ooops - that`ll be me then , i hate electrickery - witchcraft innit ...

    Interestingly , another light has appeared saying it`s 80% charged and useable .

    Still VERY hot to the touch - i`ll probably get something else for the van .

  8. Have you got a petrol can handy ? Sit it on top of the C Tek. The cold fluid might cool it down :)
  9. Great idea - i`m parking next to you at Techenders ...

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  10. Drained Leisure battery’s left unattended for long periods are fooked

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  11. Might have some life left - maybez .
    Flattened it on the Propex Saturday night and drove back from Techenders (3hrs) on Sunday , voltage was 9.8v at Eddies and 9.8v back home so either battery or split charger ....

    Yet to find out how the check a split charger - anyone ??

  12. Just had an interesting PM chat with @zedders and as a boat-ee knows his onions . Apparently voltage doesn`t really count , it`s the capacity to store the energy they lose ....

    New leisure battery it is then :rolleyes:

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  13. Also fitted one of these between the Leisure battery and the van battery.

    It topped up the main battery when the Leisure was fully charged.

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  14. Steve’s correct they can show a decent voltage when not under load but have poor capacity
    If you take it to Halfords they will do a load test for free
    But if it’s been left fully discharged for a length of time I’d put money on it been knackered

    You can’t rely on a split charge relay to fully charge a leisure battery
    It always best to connect a dedicated charger once your back home if it’s a short trip away
    Other options are adding solar panels and a charge controller and or mains hook up with a dedicated battery charger.

    People running propex or Erber heaters without any way of topping up the leisure battery often fail to make two nights of usage without the battery dropping below a safe level.
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  15. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/142789602245

    A cheapish way of finding if your battery is pretending to be well charged while actually being dead.

    It reports the voltage and the internal resistance of the battery, and from it computes a Cold Cranking Amps rating.
    A low internal resistance equates to a higher CCA ...

    My S4 41AH starter is 350 CCA my 85AH leisure is 550 CCA.

    One of my 55AH boat batteries I rescued and recharged from 6 volts is 350CCA or a bit stuffed.. the voltage is high because it was just on the charger.

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  16. 95.8 isn’t that Capital radio

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  17. Test your battery long time, you bet :thumbsup:

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