Cruising along

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  1. A favourite of mines

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  2. I took this coming back from Eskdale Dubfest a couple of years ago.
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  3. That’s super cool with the double mirror.
  4. Truck mirrors with a 3" blindspot mirror attached. I like to be able to see who i'm holding up. :p
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  5. its that good it also captures the person taking the photo :D
  6. C11FB992-98EC-4C75-92BD-C2D5E2BFF514.png
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  7. Yup. 2015. Waiting for the gates to open.
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  8. Ha ha I was in que too , had to re adjust my clutch when we landed :thumbsup: great show with the soap box challenge too, nice pic that .
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  9. Yeah I like Eastnor. Fabulous location for a festival. We went in 2015 and 2017. Will go back.
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