FOR SALE Crew cab R Reg Rat LooK

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  1. Its with a HEVEY Hart Ive got to do this the chance has come to start my own busniss ive got to sell my rat look crew cab it will be Avalabull in about 2 weeks

    Ive bought a Rot Free un welded front beam i am just getting the welding done and the beam fitted it will come with 12 months MOT Full V5 in my name I Think its had 3 or 4 owners i will cheq when i get time

    I Am haveing the 1776 fitted out my splitty with twin 40s that will be fully serviced with new leads points dizzy ect and ready to roll

    it is a rat look and people stair wave point so if that is not your thing Do Not buy this pick up bench seat in the front and the back i you wanted to paint it thats up to you but persanly i loved it the way it is!!!
    Down to busniss $5500 english pounds the pound sighn does not work on my lap top lol
    Sorry No offers I Am Loseing out at this price i am getting all the work done and adding the 1776 and twin carbs cus i am scoobing my splitty if you want to chat about it or view your are more then welcome!!! No Obligastions you can Drink our tea or Coffee or Lartae lol eat our bisuctes and if its not for you NO PROBLEM!!! I Will up load pics as soon as i can 07970 639963

    As Ever sorry about the spelling but can add up No Problem GUTTED Wanted a Crew for ages

    Sorry Dudes and Dude Ets No Offers or PX Priced to Sell call Nick 07970 639963
  2. Ive took the roof rack off now but does come with it also there is a Riot Type Sheild for the front screen I Have never seen one of therse before
    so i am told they are for kangaroos?? it would need brackets made to make it fit but would look as cool as a polar bears ball bag on the rat look i rekon it will be ready for yur stamp on it

    Suggestions matt black or red oxide with a cheqer roof wrap would look as hard as Nails hope the link works
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  4. God Bless Ya Soul davidoft Thank You :chewie:
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  5. PSG


    the spelling is nothing to be ashamed of dude. in fact i like it. ;)
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  6. Nice 1 PSG

    PMs Replyd to :chewie:
  7. Would Consider Selling With out Engine!!! :thinking:
  8. Good luck with the sale and the business! :)
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  9. Nice One bluething Thank You at least i get to keep my coffin my splitty :)
  10. 4000 CASH With No Engine will come with Full MOT :cool:
  11. Sorry for the dumb question, but I can't 100% tell from the piccies, LHD or RHD?
  12. Sorry Fella Well spotted i thought i had put that in the Ad its LHD :hattip: same as my splitty
  13. £4000 cash ready for your engine with Full Mot

    Or with 1776 on twin 40s in the words of Sexy Emma Willis You Decide!! Lol
  14. Any Interest???
  15. Any comments??? Should I rub it down And Matt Black it??
    Red Oxide it??

    Have the roof cheq raped??

    Wot are your thoughts??
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    my thoughts are it's not everybodys thing, you need to want a crew for work or a toy, then you need to want a ratty one...... personally i think (and you know) there's a very limited market for this van and i think you'll struggle unless someone wants it.
  17. just followed the link to the photos and it seems to be of a meditation garden? Do you have more pics showing the condition? Has it been covered in that nasty wax stuff?
  18. toy
  19. This would be ideal base for a post zombie apocalypse vehicle :)
  20. To cool, I drove past this yesterday.
    Looks very smart :)

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