Crankcase breather system. Coolair.

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    Crankcase oil breather system. product code:AC115552. Cool Air. £32.59 9/10

    As breather systems go this is pretty much self explanatory. It also looks quite nice in shiny aluminium.

    Plumb your crankcase breather to the box and then direct the outlets to each carb if you have 2. I have noted changes in supply since buying one for me and one for a customer. Changes are for the better too. The foam insert has been replaced by a polyurethane membrane which makes washing it out easier and the rubber washers have been replaced with copper sump washers. These make it a much more useful product.

    Out of curiosity l ran mine for 2000 miles without the foam insert and l was amazed at the amount of oil that was collected in the box. The copper washers will help with the sealing and return of oil if you fail to service it. With the rubber washers it tended to leak. Since replacing them with copper sump washers l have not found it leaking.

    FYI before l fitted this to my bus l had one of those small filters fitted. My engine is covered in a lot of oil vapour as a result. There has been a notable absence of oil smells through the heating and oil vapour spray since fitting this to my bus.

    The box is also easy to drill though l do warn to be cautious of applying too much pressure when drilling into it for risk of fracturing it. l had to do this to make a port of the gas tank vent system.

    The only complaint l have about the product is the bolts that hold the top cover on are far to long and require cutting or careful positioning of the outlet nuts to prevent them coming into contact. l would also suggest that you throw away the jubilee clips and buy better. They look nice and shiny but are of the cheapest manufacturing standards l have come across for jubilee clips.

    Mounted to the firewall.

    Direct from the crankcase breather box.

    After 2000 miles.

    The little air filter system fitted previously.
  2. What carbs are you running and how did you connect to these?
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    I fitted the pipe from the breather box to the top of each air filter. It would help if I had a picture of that wouldn't it. I'm doing one for a customer on Friday so I'll take a picture of it.

    I'm also running CB performance solex carbs. There is a review in this section too. I can't grab www web links in tapatalk.
  4. Just got this box today and can confirm the copper washers, and filter change. The jubilee clips are still shoddy, as is the breather hose now, luckily I have a hose supplier local to me to buy some, rather than the cheap collapsing stuff in the kit
  5. CoolAir have for this up at £29.95 inc vat and the bug pack one at £38.50 inc vat, so what's the difference and is the above the cheaper one?
  6. guys save your money ,tis useless tat ,plumb straight in to airfilters as original vw did .....if you want shiny stuff then carry on .....
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  7. As said above. Unless your doing some major upgrades on your engine, to relieve the extra pressure created.
  8. i drilled another hole and ran the fuel vapour pipe in to it as well as the crankcase breather
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    Since the above was fitted to my bus l have plumbed my fuel tank into it too. l quite like it. Looks tidy and is easy to service.

    It might be over kill but as long as my engines crankcase breaths and this allows it to do just that then l am am happy happy.
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  10. Question for Birdy. Are your air filters oily as well with this fitted, or does it stop the oil vapour getting to the filters?
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    My filters are not oily. Every service time I take the top of the box off and clean it out. We have others buses with this type of breather box and none of them have oily filters.
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    I think oily filters comes from venting the case into the engine space via one of those silly little filters instead of piping into the top of the carb.
  13. What fittings did you use on the carb filters? or did these come already fitted?
  14. Birdy

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    The kit came with all the fittings. Only thing I didn't use was the supplied pipe because its rubbish. It's too thin and kinks.
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  15. Ta ive got the box with the fittings which are sized for the oil breather pipe but no fittings for the air cleaner connections - what did you use there?
  16. What fitting did you use to fit the petrol breather connection?
  17. Just noticed your comment on foam inserts. Mine just an empty box. What should be in there?
  18. Birdy

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    The one l bought came with a foam insert. Several l have bought since have a more plasticky foam insert. l've now removed mine so i've got nothing in there. Makes cleaning it far easier.
  19. Thanks - you got any suugestions for terminating the hoses into the filters then?
  20. money shots



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