Crank oil seal - fan end: How big a job is this?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Bertiebot, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    I have a monster of an oil leak and it seems to be coming from the fan end of the crank but there is so much leaking its hard to tell. It is also wet around the petrol pump which is weird (its oil not petrol too). Pushrod tubes look fine. A week ago I had to drive around 200 miles to get home with the oil light coming on every 40 miles (or less), filling it up and repeating so I suspect I will have done damage. By the time I got home it was running really badly, struggling on hills, not wanting to rev.

    I am assuming the engine will need proper TLC but thought I might have a go at the crank oil seal if its an "engine in" job?

    Your thoughts appreciated
  2. It could be a number of things as I have just found out:

    Oil filter loose - check this with engine in, lay under the van and turn it by hand

    Oil cooler seals gone - can be done with engine in or out but almost everything has to come off

    Oil pressure switch - could be loose, easy to check with engine in. (this was my problem, check the bumble resto)

    Crankcase seal - can be done easy enough with the engine in

    The problem is when you have a leak the wind from driving blows the oil towards the fan and this then blows it everywhere and makes it impossible to source the leak.

    Clean your engine the best you can either with rags or pressure washer (cover your dizzy with cling film) then leave it running and have a real good look about with a torch. Put some card down under the engine to help locate where the leaks are dripping from
  3. As stated in another thread, Bertiebot is in Derby, he is currently in Cornwall and will not be able to check the issues until he gets back, so, once he's back and he's had an initial look, if he can;t diagnose it, anyone fancy a spot of TLB diagnostic meetingness ? I am game and whilst not being an expert as such, I ain't a total numpty.............more sets of eyes / opinions would of course be welcomed.
    Anyhoo, let us know how it goes dude and if you need help, just ask :)
  4. Have wipe around the underside fan end and check the dipstick rubber boot, its an easy fix at the fan end of the engine which can leak, the old mech fuel pumps are run off the cam and have a gasket to keep the oil in so possible leaky gasket there.

    Good luck with it bud!

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