cooper campsite , edale , derbyshire

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  1. coopers camp site
    new fold farm

    this site was recomended to me by a fellow member (lmpd) as a stop over on my way home from santa pod .
    the site is set in pretty suroundings in the peak district.
    its a quiet site & farmer joe who runs the place likes to keep it that way .theres a nice pub for lunch right at the entrance !
    showers and toilets on site ...but bring your own loo roll

    gumbo seal of approval :D
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  2. yes we've stayed here although i wouldn't class it as quiet on a bank holiday weekend it gets very busy.
  3. We stayed there last weekend and enjoyed it. Fantastic location, hills all round. Pennines way starts at the campsite entrance. Very nice pub about 10 metres from the entrance. It's not dead flat so chocks are an idea depending where on the site you end up.
  4. Its a lovely site in great surroundings :thumbsup:




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  5. Looks nice there cheers for sharing photos
  6. Worth a look
  7. Looks great,will pop over next time am that way.
  8. ooh, camped there years ago on a mountain biking weekend. very nice place and nice food/beer too iirk :)
  9. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Me, Para and Dicky did last summer too. But despite well meaning plans for a good walk, we just say around chatting and eating.
  10. Actually the toilets/showers are crap, the owners a nut job and usually finds areason not to give you your deposit back (if he decides hes going to charge you one in the first place!)_
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  11. Woodylubber

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    Yep great campsite in stunning location but the owners a dick, if you fart after nine at night he hears it
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  12. thats that sorted then!:)
  13. Great site have stayed before.We are up this way in june might pull in here again.
  14. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    I thought the crazy owner was quite funny really, he was worried we'd wheel spin on his soaked field, but otherwise friendly if a bit odd.:confused:
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  15. Flakey

    Flakey Supporter

    Got chucked off there years ago on a stag do, burnt the grass with a BBQ which had no legs on it! When we told him they'd melted he didn't find it as funny as us!!
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  16. He got right confused when we wanted to park two lhd vans with the sliding doors facing each other lmao
  17. The toilet block is exactly the same as when i first went 30 years ago, minging! But apart from this it's a beautiful site in an unspoilt place, with a great pub.

    Shame the owner won't spend a bit on a refurb!
  18. Wow thats a flashback

    The paravan in action pre paul weeding
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  19. we're going here on Saturday so it had better be good!

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