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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Day, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Day

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    I'm looking at buying a plug in cool box.
    The manufacturer says don't use for periods over 72hrs!

    Why? is this standard? Any experience or tips?
  2. Kill your battery? Actually, it will do that way quicker than 72 hours...

    Condensation, they do collect water...?

    I'm now out of ideas.
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  3. My halfords one has done over a week plugged in without any issues, so can't see why others would have an issue.
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  4. Poptop2

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    I’m thinking of buying a waeco one, but they are expensive. The reason I like them is I had one in a truck that was permanently on and hard wired in. It lasted at least five years and was still going strong when I left the job.
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  5. I have an Aldi Adventuridge one, plugged in for 10 days straight no problem, them are made by Dometic.
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  6. i knew this lady once with a cool box.
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  7. @Popsy has the coolest cool box! :D
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  8. Poptop2

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    Note to self

    Do not type the first question that enters your head!
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  9. i bet it wasn't at all rude! :rolleyes::p
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  10. Day

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    I don't get the joke but I'm sure it's slightly rude.
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  11. Oh and the new one will keep things warm too !
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  12. I think I’ve deleted the photo of my Cool box , might be able to find it on the Forum somewhere!

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  13. Found it !

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  14. davidoft

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  15. Moons

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    He is a shifty bugger no doubt.

  16. +1 for the Aldi cool box, paid about £40 for ours around 5 years ago and it's been excellent. It fits perfectly between the front seats and is even a matching shade of 0range:thumbsup:
  17. davidoft

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    it must work as ive never even seen him near it :)
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  18. Yay! one of my favourite pics for a good giggle on here. t'other one was @Baysearcher's contribution to the 'show us your shoes' thread! :D
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