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  1. Has anyone replaced standard carb/dizzy set up to electronic. Our Icts need a bit of tlc and damp starting is a pain seen this;
    I know its expensive but far cheaper than a EJ20 conversion and something I can set up on our laptop/tablet without having to pay for carbs rebuild and rolling road and may even see mid 30s mpg. Engine is rebuilt 1600 with less than 5000 miles on it.
  2. go for it, the smoothness and tune-ability of fuel injection is so good it'll be addictive!!
  3. Saw it done on a Triumph Herald in Car SOS programme and wondered why I'd not seen anything on the forum from you clever lot....the tv show made it look so it's not !
  4. One for you as a side line to" ripping the heart out " of campers ?
  5. I'm using motorbike TB`s and Mini injectors ,coil per plug
  6. The problem is the cost the kits £1500 plus it sounds like you still need the carbs as it just mentions the sensors not a throttle body That’s a lot of money for very little gain.

    You could go the diy route and use parts off a motor bike
    I think someone on here did it while doing a supercharger conversion.

    This is a more comprehensive kit £2k plus

    Plus the first kit doesn’t mention coil packs etc so if you want the benefits you need to sort out the ignition side of things as well L.
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  7. when spoke to them you can use existing throttle bodies and fit M14 injectors in them. Agreed £1500 is a fair amount of dollar but as I said,
    rolling road £200+, desent carbs/manifolds/ sdva dizzy £600+, its still in planning for winter as cant afford £3k+ on EJ20 conversion with maybe same running costs and its something I can adjust on my laptop hopefully. Then hopefully can make £300+ on selling existing parts, may try first on our beetle used daily. Saw the vwspeedshop version and nice bit of kit although pricey............
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  8. Sounds like man maths going on.

    Good luck and don't forget the pics and letting us know how it goes.
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  9. My Brazilian bay has Bosch fuel injection fitted - let me know if you need any photos of set-up etc.
  10. please buddy pm pics.
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  12. That looks very similar to the hardware in my Brazzer- mine is a stock 1.6 air-cooled with manual tappet set-up and it came out of the factory running a Bosch ECU and various other sensors. There is a lot of info on the BrazilianVWBay forum. I'll take some photos when the rain stops.
  13. @the 3 crispies I'd be interested great if we could piece together a cheaper kit.
    @lhu1281 did you have any joy with the bike injectors.
  14. Bike TB’s and I machined car (bigger) injectors to fit ... micro squirt , coil per plug and crank fire ignition .
  15. As ever not a simple as it looks, admire folk who chew through engine stuff like it's wee buns.

    I'll probably do stage one for the crank wheel sensor and electronic controller, wasted spark to start with.
    The Mechanical stuff looks more expensive and tricker to do.

    Here's a few links :
    Good explanation of efi and quality parts:

    Practrical DIY modding on a Type 1 engine:

    Interesting Budget Controller :

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