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  1. I am currently renovating the indicator and wash wipe stalks of the steering column switches and really need to take back to metal, then prime and topcoat so will loose the existing badly worn graphics. Does anyone know a source of decal replacements or would some kind soul with some crisp markings please send me a couple of photos so that I can create a mini spray mask.
    Kind regards Martin (Lottie restro thread)
  2. If you know of a local signwriter they may help. One local to me sorted the door stickers from some photo's i gave him. Measurements will also help if you have the original

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  3. Have a look on line for standard automotive graphics. They are out there, if you're handy with a graphics program.
  4. Stuff like this

    Washer Symbols.jpg
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  5. Thanks Rusty and Snotty, on the right lines and I have done some surfing but only find later stuff. These are the ones I need good examples of:
    Wash Wipe Graphics.jpg Turn and flash graphics.jpg Straight wipe no intermittent and Flash/ left right. I will have another look on the net.
  6. images.jpg
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  7. Sorry I'm messing, these any good? download.png downloagd.png car-interface-symbols-vector-2085673.jpg
  8. I'd also be interested if anyone has a solution to this - as a slight aside, I did read once that white wax crayon is excellent for reviving swtich gear if its indented, or recessed. Not much good in this instance though...
  9. As I recall, the later stalks are indented (or maybe I dreamt that), so you could refill them with paint.
  10. AE5D2468-4939-4C08-BDE7-7E1D22DF55ED.jpeg Is this what you’re after? F9E35905-36A1-4844-BF24-733BCF429527.jpeg
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  11. Thank you all so much, I should be able to lift some of these and hopefully with magnifying glass and craft knife create templates. I will report progress. Martin
  12. Let us know if it works to plan - I'd be interested in purr-chasing some :)
  13. Hi Alpha, more than happy to mail you a freebie if it works.
  14. Surely a replacement switch from JK etc would suffice, it comes with the graphics. :thinking:
  15. Find a friend with one of those laser cutters .. they do quite a good but toxic and smelly job with white Fablon...of cutting out fiddly sticky backed things .. to use as template or stencils.
  16. Mine is a 73 with early bits and I can't get a replacement stalk like the above unless silly money.
  17. Many thanks, you have reminded me I do know a graphics expert, but as ever first option is DiY if I can and being retired I do have time on my side. Lottie is a complete nut and bolt restoration, not for profit or indeed even to have a great RV at the end, but mainly for the fun of doing everything, if I can. I have also found a lot of replacement parts to be of doubtful quality and will generally try and retain and repair OEM. Nevertheless the JK pic looks good and I thank you for the info.
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  18. I tried to make a mini template but it was too difficult, so I turned to and the very nice Titch Sanders was most helpful. I have used his expert services for a classic tractor a motorcycles and even a lawnmower and the quality value and service is excellent. So Titch sent me a few sets and this is how they look:

    Stalk graphics 3.jpg

    I have some spare sets so PM if you would like for a nominal sum.

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  19. pm sent :thumbsup:
  20. pm sent :thumbsup:

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