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  1. Have you tried their chocolate? God above... :eek:
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  2. I’m completely struggling with this whole concept. Can some one please explain to us hard of thinking why you need to remove coffee from the cup?
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  3. I sometimes (esp if I forgot my aeropress) put a teaspoon of ground coffee in a cup, top it up with water and milk, stir it and leave it for 5 minutes. Most of the grounds stay on the bottom. In many European countries they call this 'Turkish" coffee although it probably isn't what Turks do.
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    Turkish coffee is like a semi-thick mud.
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  5. Same as tea surely....
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  6. with 85 sugars to make it palatable
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  7. Or Brown tar

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  8. They have been around for years
    Not really a new innovation.
    I suppose someone will re invent green shield stamps soon
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    Well no, cos instant coffee disappears completely
  10. I was thinking tea leaves... and coffee beans

    Instant coffee is sh1te but see your point.
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  11. Earl grey is where it’s at coffee belongs for tarmac repairs out side your house
  12. ron


    Ever had the coffee conversation at the coffee stall on the rail station?
    I' d like a coffee please
    Would you like - (spouts a list of 63 types)
    No just an ordinary coffee please
    Ah an americano ?
    If it tastes like American coffee no if its the name of an ordinary coffee yes - and with a bit of milk
    Ah a flat white
    Don't think I,m thirsty anymore!
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  13. Most of them have wised up.

    If you ask for 'a coffee' they just give you a flat white and point with a grunt at the sugar dispenser.
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  14. And a glass of water to wash away the 85 sugars.
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  15. I agree about the americano thing. If Starbucks = American coffee it's dishwater, that's never what I'd want.
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  16. I've drunk a fair bit of coffee over the years. To be honest now I can't be doing with the faff of filters and machines. Use 1 1/2 spoons of a decent instant and it doesn't taste bad at all. Co-op fairtrade gold roast is lovely
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