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  1. I’ve started to get the bus ready for its Swiss MoT. Today I changed the speedo to km with the help of a vinyl overlay, took nearly all day, but looks original.

    My first question, of many. It has a clock fitted, which is running fast, pretty much twice as fast as it should. I can’t see anything obvious to adjust on it, just three screws, see photo. The ‘knob’ above the stamped numbers is soldered in place. There are two bits of clearish plastic poking through as well, but that’s it. I’ve checked, and it is getting 12V. Tempus fugit, and all that, but any ideas?


    Many thanks
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    It’s a Brexit thing.
    We’re changing our clocks when we get out and no-one told VW it was delayed.

    (In the real world, I thought you could recalibrate them.)
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  3. Pull off that bit of tape, and you may find an adjuster underneath...
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  4. time fly's when you are enjoying yourself!... It's been 'clocked'!...
  5. Mine was doing the same, only when the engine was running/charging & the voltage was 14.5V.
    I fitted a dc/dc converter in the feed line so the clock got a steady 12V and it is now accurate.
    You can get them on eBay cheaply.

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  6. .... Swiss time was running out...

    Deep Purple ..Smoke on The Water
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  7. If it's an actual mechanical clock (which it looks like it is), the voltage won't make any difference. Does it tick/tock? Under the tape there should be (from memory) a +/- adjuster.
  8. In Switzerland, the only clocks that work properly are powered by cuckoos
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