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Discussion in 'Tools' started by Piratedave, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. What do the propper detailers, cleaners use to apply polish and wax etc, some electric rotation buffing machine! I got a Halfords one but it's not great at all! Big, slow, I've seen smaller ones that rotate quicker any ideas where to get or what to search for. Reason is I'm trying to polish a 79 bus .

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    You don't want a fast one, you can burn / melt the paint. you need to buy a variable speed moping machine 8inch
  3. Make sure everything is very clean. Don't do it on a hot or windy day. Best to use a clay bar first to remove any crap from the paint. As said a dual action polisher is the way to go :thumbsup:
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    Elbow grease
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  5. Thanks guys that's what I'm after as also have a lwb sprinter work van I like to keep clean that link u posted looks like it will half the time it takes me to do it manually!. Bought a claybsr today will try that out tomo

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