Classic motorshow NEC, November 9-11.

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  1. Maybe ! Went last year it’s good day out

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  2. I’m I seeing things , just looked on the site and it’s £33 .00 per adult on the Friday !!

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  3. You must have been if you were looking.
  4. Why ! oh got it :rolleyes: …………………………… Not been for 25 yrs , use to go with the Triumph club and display on the club stand NEC , G-MEX , ALLY PALLY ETC. Had some great times too.
    Still after over an hour can't believe the price .
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  5. Cos if you hadnt looked you wouldnt have seen it!
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  6. Not sure why the Friday is more expensive. Is it because its quieter? :confused:
    Went to BBC gardeners world at the NEC last year and it was more expensive on the weekend than during the week.

    'Only' :rolleyes: £26.50 on the saturday or sunday (plus the £1.95 booking fee), though you get 15% off those prices on their site at the moment.
    Looking for a campsite nearby for a couple of nights at the moment.
  7. Not been for a few years - it seems like day light robbery to me - £10 to park and then nearly £30 to get in. Camping show at the same venue is half the price and free parking!
  8. last year it was £4.50 for 1 sausage roll £5.50 for a pie £6.50 for a pastey £55 for 2 days , they then want £20 to look around cars in the auction , total ripp off .
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  9. a group of us go up by train 9 quid
    take tinnies and pork pies,

    book in advance
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  10. is that an english mans carry out 4 tins of beer
  11. My dads campsite is a few miles away in hockley heath 'cheedon farm'.
  12. so thats a 100% discount to tlb members with full english breakfast lol
  13. I think last year they had 4 tins between 5 of 'em :D
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  14. He's got eggs . It's no techenders I'm afraid :D
  15. Eggs, wow. How posh. :lol:
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  16. party 7
  17. Got a reply from the classic motorshow on facebook. They say Friday is regarded as the ‘trade’ day, offering our visitors the first opportunity to get the best deals on motors that are on sale at the show!
    Not sure thats worth an extra £6.50 though. :rolleyes:

    I think the 15% off for buying online is a lie as the code they give does nowt.

    Just need to figure out if a 21ft motorhome will fit in one of the car park bays at the NEC as they say they should be parked within the while lines.
  18. Doesn't look like i'll be going afterall. Once you add the ticket price a couple of nights at a campsite, food and the cost of petrol for the 440 mile round trip we'd be looking at about £150. :(
  19. I know your parent's neighbour, David Barber.

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