Chilli, The funky green chillin' machine!

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  1. Sweet colour, are you going for a stock spec inside and out or something more funky?
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  2. Still got the westy interior but it's seen better days, so thinking of replicating it in oak faced mdf or similar and using modern stove etc. Just need to get it back from the body shop/workshop before I can start on interior. We've had all the upholstery made in the original westy plaid and Its having all the running gear checked and replaced where necessary with stock kit. We're on the lookout for an engine so it can be sorted mechanically and mot'd before it comes home..
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  3. Ooooo shiney :thumbsup:

    Can't wait until mines all one colour!
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  4. love the colour, cant wait to see the wheels on, will look superb :D
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  5. Nice bus! Looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with the inside! :thumbsup:
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  6. Nice bus that, my best friend got his from FBI aswell.
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  7. Love the colour and wheels , I'm looking to get out and about more this year might see you around pembs:thumbsup:
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  8. Looks great! Love the colour!! :)
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  9. After a bit of a break the guys at the coach works have done it again! The pop top had suffered years of Californian sun but the lads have transformed it and it now shines!!!

    Just the bumpers to paint now and it can be rolled next door for the mechanicals and then home for the build up!

    I've just scored a complete CJ motor too. It's going to be torn down and rebuilt before fitting just to be safe! I'm missing the 3 pieces of rear tin if any one can help?
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  10. image.jpg
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  11. image.jpg
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  12. Can't wait to see this going back together! Will be spanking!
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  13. Looks fantastic! :)
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  14. [​IMG]

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  15. Thinking of a gas ram conversion to make lifting the Pop top a non pop-eye moment!
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  17. Not wanting to fork out on the expensive gas strut kit I looked into the parts required.

    This is the parts list I came up with from off the shelf parts from the SGS Engineer website. I have not bought or trailed this yet also not sure what Force to select for the strut.

    Any thoughts or have I missed anything?

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  18. wow! that's definitely cheaper and would make sense because you could spec the correct force for the application if roof boxes or racks are fitted. Also handy if the rams wear out and need replacing. I wonder if anyone out there knows what force they should be for a standard roof?
  19. ive just been onto the sgs website and they offer a ram for the westfalia roof?

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