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    This is a quick guide to help assist you to what to look for when buying a bus. It is still your responsibility to check a prospected purchase out properly.

    Chassis number: This 10 digit number is located in the engine bay on the left.

    The chassis number minus the first 2 digits should match up with the top row of numbers on the M plate. The M plate is located behind the passengers seat on all pre 77 buses. On post 77 buses it is located next to the left of the fuse box on the tube for the fresh air system.

    Pre 77 plate.

    For example a chassis number: 2362xxxxxx in the engine bay will read 62 xxx xxx on the M plate.

    You will find the 23 on the M plates as a group of 4 digits on the bottom row on the right like 2319 before a 2 digit number at the end.

    The 19 is about specification and not important to the chassis number. If the 23 reads anything other than 23 then the M plate or chassis number do not belong to that bus.

    On this chassis number the 6 in 2362xxxxxx at the beginning stands for the model year. This plate belongs to a 1976 model year. Always handy to know because if the bus was being advertised as a 1973 model, it clearly isn't according to the numbers.

    Know your digits.

    It's all very well knowing 236 and your 2319 (as in this plate but what do they mean?

    23 is Kombi.
    6 model year 1976
    2319 Kombi, LHD, sliding door right, campmobile.

    Rule of thumb:
    21 Panel van.
    22 Microbus
    23 Kombi
    24 Microbus L
    26 Pick-up
    27 Ambulance

    1 71
    2 72
    3 73
    4 74
    5 75
    6 76
    7 77
    8 78
    9 79

    It is also worth checking out this simple page from the DVLA:

    And click on the 4th tag "Vehicle Enquiry"

    The details gained from the web page are as follows:

    VEHICLE ENQUIRY Services Provided By DVLA:

    The enquiry is complete
    The vehicle details for OMY 166P are:

    Date of Liability 01 01 2012
    Date of First Registration 12 12 2008
    Year of Manufacture 1976
    Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1970CC
    CO2 Emissions Not Available
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Export Marker Not Applicable
    Vehicle Status Licence Not Due
    Vehicle Colour YELLOW
    Vehicle Type Approval
    Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle
    6 Months Rate £118.25
    12 Months Rate £215.00

    It's not bullet proof but it shows the bus to be yellow and with a 1970c engine which are both correct. Being an import the date of registration can be misleading but if the owner is legit they will have documents to back this up. In this case l can.
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  3. Logbook, Insurance, tax disc and MOT check should make it more difficult for criminals to pass stolen vehicles on. They always seem to stay one step ahead but making these simple checks should help ensure you don't get stung.

    Most US buses have a chassis plate on the dashboard too so worth checking

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