cheap mp3 player.

Discussion in 'Internal' started by Bernard Fishtrousers, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. I bought this from a popular* Chinese website.


    To be honest I bought it because the colour matched my van and it cost £2.18 posted!
    Astonishingly, it's quite good if not quite an iPod shuffle, although shuffle it does because it doesn't seem to understand the concept of an album and is more concerned with the track number tags!
    Anyhoo - in extensive testing yesterday it played for a tad more than five hours before the batter...
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  2. your speedometer glass could do with a clean up :eek:
  3. £2.18 posted!!!! How why ??!!!

    I think its their way to infiltrate the decadent West with cheap goods and make us realise how much we are getting ripped off ! Not that we are getting ripped off ever?! I mean honestly next thing there will be tales of people paying silly money for 40 year old rusty vans and then spending even more money to renew them just so they can be used to hang these from the mirror?

    I mean who would ever.............. oooh ...............I have one of those....... :oops:
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  4. £2.18!!! LOL.
    I've just bought a load of -8 fittings for a bike I'm building. UK Price £175. Chinese price £32.10.
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  5. ta
  6. I didn't know if the valet had missed it when he last attended to your needs :eek:
  7. When she, the valet, last attended to my needs...
    we both forgot all about cleaning the van.
  8. :thumbsup: ;)

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