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  1. In anticipation of picking up a replacement next weekend my mk5 Golf is up for sale. To be brutally honest it's got it's issues but might make a cheap run around for someone. Available after the 10th October

    54 plate 2 litre GTD
    Currently 201000 miles
    £250 collection from Lincoln

    The good:
    It runs reliably, I cover around 400 miles a week and it hasn't let me down
    MOT until 7th Jan 2021
    Good MPG, I get 60-65 average a week
    Had new disks and pads all round in March. Also one new caliper

    The not so good:
    Due a service and (over) due a cambelt change
    Loses some oil
    Rear tyres drop pressure (I think due to the condition of the alloys)
    There is a knock when braking/over large bumps, I believe this is the exhaust (see advisories)
    There is some rust (see advisories)
    Body work and interior are not the best
    Rear wiper/heated screen don't work
    Aircon/heating only work properly for about an hour, I think this is a diverter flap that gets stuck blocking air flow
    Drivers door and one rear door need new lock motors

    Advisories from last MOT:
    Repair as soon as possible (minor defects):
    • Headlamp lens slightly defective both (4.1.1 (b) (i))
    Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):
    • Items removed from driver's view prior to test ()
    • brake pad ware indicator illuminated
    • Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement both front (5.3.4 (a) (i))
    • Exhaust mounting defective centre exhaust clamp broken (6.1.2 (a))
    • Integral body structure or chassis corroded within 30cm of a mounting, but not seriously affecting overall security both sills (6.2.2 (d) (i))
    • Offside Front Integral body structure is corroded but structural rigidity is not significantly reduced sill has a corroded hole but not within 30cm of a mounting (6.1.1 (c) (i))
    • Nearside Rear brake pads worn to a grater extent compared to offside and disc appears to have previously over heated.
    • Front Service brake fluctuating, but not excessively (1.2.1 (e))
    Probably not the most flattering of adverts ever posted but I wanted to be honest about the condition. Priced to reflect condition and mileage and you should get a good chunk of the cash back as scrap value if it doesn't pass the next MOT.

    Pictures of interior will follow if there is any interest:

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  2. Shame your not a bit closer would have done me as a cheap run about
  3. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Nothing to do with the sale but did I see you in your bus in Lincoln at some point this week???

    if you see someone flashing :eek: in a white Lexus - it’s me :thumbsup:
  4. Let me know if you fancy a day trip to Lincoln :)
    Wasn't me, I haven't had the bus our for a few weeks now. I'll keep an eye out for the crazy lexus driver though :D

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  5. You've full on had your money out of that badboy!!

    How bad is the rust?

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  6. Loved my mk5 2.0 gtd until the turbo finally went and I scraped it. Was still really tidy body and inside too. Rainbow blue metallic. Fond memories of that car.
  7. It's done me well to be fair, I would have kept it and seen what the MOT threw up but the replacement came up at a good price :) I can get some pictures of the sills when (if) it stops raining.
    They are good fun cars. I would definitely have another, going a bit more sensible with a Passat estate this time though

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  8. Provisionally sold!

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  9. Yea right...:p

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