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  1. Hi everyone . Had a bay a few year ago but had to sell to buy a house, I know this is a long shot but does anyone have any cheap imports for sale . Don't mind a project and thats all I Kinda expect with my budget ,I will consider anything but not something that needs alot of welding. I have around 4 k to spend and before anyone says it I Know that's not alot but its worth a try, the Wife wants a t4 I want a bay can anyone help?????
  2. 6k would get you started I would think, just looked at one on here for 6k a berlin westie. Take a look fella.
    You could get a great T25 around that price.
  3. I brought my 69 westy for 3.5k no engine or interior.
    Needs a bit of work but not a lot of welding.

    I'm anticipating around 3k to get it up to standard doing all work my self.
  4. I bought mine for £4k, it needed all suspension parts replacing and a new cargo floor. No interior but had an ok engine and gearbox.
    I've spent 6K and it still looks the same but has an interior and a natty new engine.
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  5. I'm glad I'm not too far off on my estimate to finish the van, as I have the pop top to do!!
  6. You have a bit of a head start with the interior! I could have got mine ok for £3k.
  7. So 6k + the bus? Yep but you have the head start on the whole bus excluding the interior!!
  8. The interior was what took the time for me - months of routing. 100's of parts and apart from some household joinery it was all new to me.
    Yes £6K + the bus. That's a very honest every screw price, I sifted out all the invoices while I was doing the accounts. Since then Vintage speed exhaust and I'd like some dells so it's not over yet. No painting for me either.
  9. Oh boys ur gonna get me shot if the wife reads this, lol
  10. Know where there is a complete 72 RHD dormobile for 3.5k.
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  11. We paid £4000
    No engine
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  13. Buses have gone up so so much so quickly, I swear I'm trapped in the early 90's with the kind of money I'd pay for things. My bus was such a bargain it still make me laugh how much I paid for it, but I do have a good friend in the states who is just as crazy as I am with my air cooled dubs, and finds things to buy that rant for sale, so that helps!!! But.............. Out of the 2 you just posed up, the second one looks appealing. Also might be worth looking at stuff world wild wagons have got for sale.
  14. I phoned the chap with the cream camper earlier this week. Sounded interesting but I've opted out as tricky to get there. I think he said that he had just fitted new heat exchangers and battery tray....
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  16. Why don't you import you're own? Easy process.
  17. Where??
  18. My brother has it for sale in suffolk. Has all interior and glass and doors. Just needs small bit of welding behind front panel. Needs new wiring loom, key and engine going over as unknown. Pm for more info
  19. i have a late bay import, with 10 months mot.
    could do with a good service but otherwise good to go... £5750

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