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    I’ve got an Outdoor Revolution Movelite Quattro Drive away awning kicking about doing nothing so thought I’d try and offload it, popping it on here before EBay.
    I bought it a few years ago now and it served us well, stood up to all weather and never let us down.
    It’s not perfect , I noticed the last time I used it that a couple of holes had appeared that looked like barbecue embers had caused , tiny things low down and I’ve patched them so should be ok, there’s a couple of tips in the lower ground sheet flaps that I caused trying to pull the pegs out with the sheet , again nothing major and they’re inside so it doesn’t really matter.
    It’s a big awning plenty of room to fit two double bedrooms ( I have them included) and still have room for a table and chairs in the middle . I have everything included including the pole and clamps to attach it to the camper, ground sheets, all pegs, bedrooms - good to go.
    I don’t have any photos of it in use that are any good to show it off so I’ve attached the brochure for it .
    It’s located in Newark Notts , open to offers but reckon it’s got to be worth £100 or thereabouts .
    Don’t think it would be viable to post - it’s heavy

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  2. Dazza

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    Just found this one , not a great photo as I’d been out and not pulled up close enough to the tunnel but it does pull up close to the camper [​IMG]

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