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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jellytot, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. can we get a forum chat box maybe? ;P...pretty please :D
  3. would that not take away the point of it being a forum? so everyone can see and have an input to discussions?
  4. nope chat box i use on the gaming forums is usually a fast insult hello when passing by lol :p
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  6. I asked for this sometime ago jelly, I too thought it would be a good idea, but, after then reading all the posts telling me the againsts, I soon realised that there is a downside to the IM type message board, it could ruin the forum. So I am now in agreement with it not being a feasible idea.....sorry hon

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  7. thats okay :) i did think they might not be up for it its a bit fast paced and gamey but also can be fun too!
  8. Is this not fast paced enough? Have you seen how many posts have gone up since TLB's resurrection?
  9. i still stand by the fact the forum does not need a chat box ... there is so much going on in here - having chat would take away some of the posts and you can't keep the history
  13. hailfrank

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    this is history in the making
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    I don't like them. If I'm honest I find it intrusive to have it going off when your trying rondo other stuff hence why I don't have MSN or use the facility on Facebook when I had Fb.

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