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  1. As this forum have now upset to celebrity TV chiefs I thought it might be interesting to see how many other celebrities we've upset between us.

    I'll start, a few years back when I was working as a lift engineer I was called to a hotel in central London where the lift had failed. When I got there the maintenance manager was in a real flap, panicking because Pavaroti was on the 6th floor and couldn't get down in the lift. I commented that maybe the exercise would do him good. The managers face seem to go grey, and look behind me. I turned to see Pavaroti and 2 body guards all looking very very red faced and sweaty! He said something in Italian, which I don't think was have a nice day, and then left!
    Needless to say the lift was swiftly fixed and I never returned to that hotel again!
  2. I called Jamie Theakston the C word to his face (he deserved it)
  5. Thats even funnier!
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  8. who has this forum upset ? appart from martin 'magic mushroom' Dorrey
  9. I once ran Bruce Forsyth off the road (by accident - honest!). He was in a golf buggy - I was in a LWB Ford Transit - no contest really! ;)
    Don't think he was too pleased though!
  10. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

  11. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

  14. So who is pretending to be Jamie oliver? Come on own up :)
  15. martin clunes as I said in the other thread, my mrs on the other hand has Jeremy Clarkson 8) we were walking along the prom in Penzance JC was coming the other way its like you see him instantly say hello like a friend ( cos hes on the tele so much) I have a respectable chat and she butts in with "so when are you going to get back to testing cars everybody can afford?" follows that up with "where is James May he's proper man?" ;D

    he wasnt impressed :eek:
  16. Bob Hoskins of The Long Good Friday fame got an earful from me for cutting me up on my scoot outside Liberty's by Carnaby St sometime in the late 80's. I think my exact words were "F--- Off you Bald headed C--- and watch where you're going next time. Funny how you never realise who it was until after you've said it.

    Spike Milligan had a good moan at me outside the Daily Mirror building in Holboln once because my Lammy was a tad noisy. I told him i bought it from Ning Nang Nong. He smiled at me, gave me the V's and trotted off. Ive loved this man since childhood and have read all his books. Englands greatest Irishman.
  17. i pushed veron kay off his chair back stage at glasto a few years back ...
  18. On purpose ? Do tell....
  19. I sat in Jeremy Beedle's chair at Centre Parcs. He got huffy with me saying "thats my chair".
  20. Did you offer him a wee hand lol

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