CBE modular switching

Discussion in 'Internal' started by Luis Navarro, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. I recently bought a CBE modular panel for the 12v electrics in my van. Bought it to run the overhead lights etc.
    I wanted something straightforward to fit and wire that wasn't going to look too much like a 1970's Zig panel......i.e. gash lol
    I opted for a 3 gang switching panel with a built in analog battery monitor and 2 way switching of the 12v source from leisure battery to van battery, and a seperate 3 pin socket for the 240 hookup.

    The kit duly arrived (Ebay seller Kiravans) and its not bad at all.....looks nice, not too obtrusive and should do what i want it to do.
    Total cost was around fifty quid for the panel, socket and the smooth surrounds that clip over them once fitted.

  2. That looks nice and tidy
  3. Was the least obtrusive one i could find......should blend in nicely once i cut it in to my units :)

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