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  1. i've had a discount code on my site for members of The late bay for over a year now.

    Last year i donated an aerial and mount as a prize for the a set of awards for your members to celebrate the sites 1st birthday.

    Matt (horts) has purchased from me several times, and so have several other people.

    here's a quote from an email i got from Matt in december 2010 : "I know a few people from the site have used your services and have been very pleased with your products and especially your service and knowledge."


  2. Hi i have a Midland Alan 42 Multi which i use in my mk3 polo but i am looking for a more retro one in my van what would you recommend and what sort of price's am i looking at many thank's Dan ;D
  3. What's the point of cb's no one uses them now ! I have one and it's a waste of battery power ( wanna buy it ? )
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  5. What channel are you on DUBious?
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    Breaker 1-9 breaker 1-9.....anyone out there?? No?? Over.
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    Over this past year Magic trev and Me have been using two way radios when travelling around, easy and cheap ;D
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  10. There are great for a chatter net whilst driving in convoy, and almost essential if your taking part in anything like the eireball (annual VW charity run round Ireland).
  11. Rez


  12. The club i was/am part of in ireland (Rule6) all used to have CB's and it does make long journeys even more fun, especially if you get a mic with a long lead that can be passed round.

    we really should encourage as its a cheap and easy way to keep sociable
  13. I agree, bring back the CB! I have one ready to go in but struggling with aerial position due to the westy full length roof & don't want to gutter mount it, any thoughts?
  16. You could mount it on the corner of the front bumper. Will work fine short range.
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