Catriona the Campervan

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by Peter Moncur, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Looks nice ....engine looks to be from a trike which may cause a few heat issues in a bus due to lack of cooling ...but great job
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  2. Cheers Ihu, the engine is from a dune buggy. Low mileage. And recently refurbished. It was originally a 1600cc block which was rebuilt by Classic Car Magazine for a Dune Buggy. She was bored out to 90.5mm CIMA barrels giving 1900cc and with the twin Dellortos and other upgrades was rated at 126bhp.

    TBH I will be happy as long as she is better at coping with the hills than her 1600 predecessor but I am sure time will tell. Hopefully overheating won't be too much of a problem. Especially as I am hoping to enjoy her in warmer climes at some stage.

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  3. Merlin Cat

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  5. Wow. Looking great. A bit like Kevin mcCloud on Grand Designs I find myself itching to ask about your budget!
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  6. What price can we place on pleasure. TBH I have written it down but have resisted counting it all up in order not to detract from the enjoyment I'm getting from it even before she is road worthy. ;)

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  7. Flakey

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    Will the engine fit with that exhaust set up?
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  8. Ha, very wise. I bought mine for £10k and keep telling myself that's what I've paid, even though every year thousands fly out in her direction. I daren't add it all up!
    As you say, what price pleasure?
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  9. Hi Flakey, no chance, sadly. Mind you, mounted in the battery trays and shifting the rear lights up a bit, then maybe. Probably simpler to go with a new stainless steel exhaust methinks. ;)

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  10. Baysearcher

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    I can see it's not the case with yours,but bare in mind that "missing" seems are often the first sign of a bodged bus!
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  11. Hi Baysearcher. I think it's the best way to lay the metal flake down. Otherwise there would be flakes lying at odd angle in the seems which would ruin the look. Besides she's definitely a keeper after ploughing my life and soul into her for this long.

    I suppose the upside if I ever did sell her is that people might realize that with metal flake she would need a complete re spray to hide any work done on her since this point - bodged or otherwise. And given the number of coats for base, flake and clear, so it wouldn't be worth the cost in terms of tarting her up.


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  12. Nice work there.. :hattip:

    Should look stunning in blue flake..:thumbsup:
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  13. Cheers mate. She's totally prepped outside and working on the interior before the primer later this week. Long slog but totally worth it.

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  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  15. Has been nice to finally get the first coats of primer on Catriona. Still lots to do but definitely feels like a bit of a milestone. Or should that be millstone? Haha

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  16. Doors primed. Engine Bay and door checks painted and surprised myself how long it took to stick on all that sound deadening then insulation. Still have the cab to look forward to. :)


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  17. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    That colour's going to look lovely.
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  18. Thanks Bay, she will look pretty good.

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  19. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Wooden floor down and Rusty Lee bolted in. All starting to look like a camper. Need to crack on with the engine, brakes and suspension, so she looks more like a van. ;0)

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  20. cant wait to see it painted, should look ubber cool.
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