Carpet, Door Seals, Edge Trim and Interior Trimmings

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  1. I went to see these chaps today to get some bits for the van.

    The workshop reminded me of something out of the 70's, but was a cool place to be.

    They were very helpful and very cheap.

    Something they say about themselves

    The 'Automobile Trimmings Company' was founded over 60 years ago primarily as an exporter of leathercloth and automotive trimmings.

    The company soon diversified and began to manufacture its very own rubber backed carpet, door seals and edge trims for what is now referred to as the classic car market.

    Originally based in the East End of London, the company has proudly operated from the same factory in Stanmore (pictured below) for well over 35 years.

    I purchased some boot lining to put round the poptop, it was excellent quality.
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  2. Good work fella!!:thumbsup:
  3. It was good work, I'll update the resto thread once the weather is better and I can get some decent pics.
  4. @Baysearcher buddy, think you were after some of this stuff for your poptop.

    Should of at least taken a picture to show all, but just search for the boot seal/trim and get the largest size.

    I had a bit left over if you/anyone wants me to send some before you buy, thinking the trimmers send out free samples as well anyway.

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