Carl's How To: Door Cards

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  1. Brilliant work!Does a bog standard sewing machine handle the vinyl OK?
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  2. Yeah I would think so, my sisters sewing machine is a pretty good one, but for sewing power I guess it's just like any other. It just has all the fancy options that no-one will ever use lol.
    you'll need to get some leather/vinyl needles though. Think it's like £4 a pack.
    Just don't shove material through too fast, otherwise you'll go through needles like toothpicks.
  3. This is a great guide many thanks. I am thinking I need to update my bus and see loads of people taking there bus for full re trims and costing loads. I have next to no budget and with you doing this step by step guide, I am going to have a go myself. I have not used a sewing machine before but am going to buy a cheap one and have a good go at it. You have inspired me lol many thanks carlperkins001. Are you doing door cards as well. I would love to recover my seat as well. :chewie:
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  4. ill post in a sec
  5. image.jpg image.jpg
    hope that helps. it is cream and not white as the pic might suggest:)
  6. great stuff carl , my sewing skills arnt up to that though .
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  7. Yeah definitely worth it, save a fortune if you can scrounge the panels and as many of the supplies as possible lol.
    Yeah will be doing a how to for seat covers etc, just got to get round to it.
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  9. redoxide

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    great tutorial ... ace job on the door panels... I should have come to you for my panels :(
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  10. That's brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to post it. Not sure my skills are up to this, though!
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  11. Very impressive, inspirational too :)
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  12. Hello Carl,
    Here's my first attempt following your instructions. I had a piece of pink vinyl lying around I thought would be great for practising.
    Just 2 problems, the teeth on the machine were cutting into the foam, so i put a backing on the foam and changed to a roller foot.
    Got to buy myself a piping foot to start the next stage.
    Here are some pics, please note this is my first sewing machine and first attempt at anything this big.
  13. sANDYbAY

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    I'm going to give this a go when I can get my hands on a sewing machine.
    Tinworm yours looks good. :thumbsup:
  14. @tinworm , looks great! Yeah the "scrim" backing on the foam is essential, the 3mm scrim foam on ebay is good value and good stuff. I tried to sew without it and the machine pretty much ate the foam lol.
    Also a few other pointers.. In your bottom pic, the 2nd pleat from the left has a cut running through the scrim material.. Try to avoid this if possible as it will allow that pleat to stretch a little more than the others,NAND depending how stretchy the vinyl is.. You could have 1 larger pleat which may stand out.
    And also.. Glueing the vinyl to the scrim foam will make your life a lot easier. I tried a few times, then tried pinning it. But ultimately glue is best every time, it will help prevent getting wrinkles in the vinyl when you sew it.

    Looks lycheeing amazing for a first go! I'll see if I can find a pic of my first attempt to show you :p.
  15. Thanks for the tips Carl , will take onboard all your advice. I did glue the vinyl to the foam (took ages to dry) weren't sure how much to put on though... Still it's fun learning and your post is great.
    Thank you for the confidence boost Sandybay,Lofty and Carl.:thumbsup:
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  16. Here's my first go with no glue.. See the wrinkles.. :/
    The glue from dunelm mill is good, only £6 for a huge can too
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  17. I know, looks like you learnt pretty damn fast lol. Make sure you post more pics as you go :thumbsup:
    Glad to see I've helped someone :)
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  18. this for all 8 bits
    Hi can you tell me wot the thickness is of the scrim foam for the middle bit is please Cheers

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