Cape Town roadtrip\Camp\Lighthouse hunt.

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  1. Thought I'd post this here for anyone interested in following "Winston" on his journeys.. ;)

    My bus is a rebuilt 74 Devon top camper called Winston. British themed as my missus is Irish\British with family still living in the UK, so if she's interested, it's a win-win..
    Been rebuilding the bus for the past year, (link to entire rebuild in my signature). We have gone on two camping trips, and each trip we work out what to change, what to get, what we don't need, and so on. Also they are naturally Summer months for us, eg: Nov, Dec, Jan..
    We have also started an attempt to pose Winston at as many lighthouses as possible, as that could produce a nice collection of photos, and possibly stories, calendar, etc.. So we've got 2 under our belt already.

    Next weekend is a Wackywinefestival in the outer-lying towns in the Mountains, about 3 to 4 hours drive from home. So we're planning to accomplish a few things here.
    1. A small Saturday night Camp among a pile of wine farms.. Dunno how successful that will be after the day spent going from one farm to the next.
    2. A fuel economy test. Tank was brimmed, just over 50 Liters, and this will be the first longish distance drive with my newly rebuilt 1835 motor, and the Weber Carbs fitted, to check these jets are good, etc..
    3. Visiting the southern most tip of the African Continent on the Sunday.
    4. Hopefully getting that, and 2 other lighthouses on the return trip.


    So there we have it, a pretty longish adventure run planned for next weekend. Will alkso update the Website with pics and so on, as well as Winston's Fascebook page called "winston obviously paterson". :thumbsup:

    Have a good long weekend up there.

  2. Back at the grindstone. Was a great weekend trip, but LONG..
    Consumption worked out to 11.5 L per 100 Kms. So considering how heavy he is, this isn't so bad. He also ran faultlessly including Sundays trip home, which took almost 10 hours to travel 300 Km's.. Ave speed between 80 and 100 Km/h. and stopping at 3 lighthouses etc, so all in all, a great weekend trip.

    On our way towards the winelands, toll road and through the Huguenot Tunnel


    Campsite in Bonnievale.


    Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

    Cuppa at the Southern most tip of the African Continent.
    Will post a bunch more on my Website in the next few days. Also on Winston the Kombi Facebook page.


  3. Super!! Makes me feel very nostalgic for the good old South Africa of 50 years ago.
    Not the toll booths.
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  4. A close colleague at work repatriated some 10 years ago after 25 years or more in SA. Not a day goes by without him reminiscing about it.

    Looks lovely mate. sounds like a great trip.
  5. Thanks, I'll get more Pics off the Bigger Camera this week, the missus is the photographer out of us. The toll road is well worth it to help keep the tunnel functioning, so besides that one, there were no other tolls. And yeah, there's plenty good Country here and lots to discover. Good trip tho, and considering we're well into Winter, it was a good camp.


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  6. fantastic! :thumbsup:
    Great post , i`ll be there in November - counting the days ...

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  8. Can you bring me back a Jurgens Autovilla (cab over roof type) please. Pay you in about 20 years?
  9. Any particular colour ??

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  10. Any colour is fine by me!
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  11. Sorry i've been v rude. I should have commented on your great trip. It's looks like you are having a quality time in Winston. I've enjoyed the trip report ad photos. :thumbsup:

    A dream for me would be to visit SA, source a quality dry Jurgen Autovilla, drive it back to the UK via some quality SA Safari's and diving with sharks on the Sardine Run. Just need to source a huge wedge of cash first, so i'm not holding my breath.
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  12. Sounds good. When they come up for sale, the good ones are snapped up by a few locals to avoid them leaving the Country, but pricing is usually between 3 to 6 K.. I'm sure you'd find a bargain somewhere. Check our local gumtree junk ads..
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  13. These are the 5 we've managed to get poses with. Unfortunately some are not accessible, so this is "best effort". We can probably get in another 3 or 4 before we're starting to "run out" of them nearby.. ;-)

  14. Seems you've had a superb trip, very envious. Lovely looking van.
    I have a thing for lighthouses too and have to find out their light sequences. Might look yours up!! ;)
  15. thanks. I'm certainly no expert on these things at all, it just came to us seeing them one day, and so thats what we now do when we have a chance. :thumbsup:

    But glad the bus is now reliable, stable, and running well.. a year's worth of hard work and frustrations..


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  16. So the bus colour scheme is actually "light house camouflage" - cunning for that wild camping but somewhat limited in its effectiveness.
  17. lolol.. un-intentional I might add. left over from my Speedster build 2 years ago..
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  18. Good threat, great photos.
  19. Some Pics as we got closer to home. Awesome Sunset over False Bay, and a fun pic of our shadow..
    shadow.jpg sunset.jpg sunset1.jpg sunset2.jpg sunsetroad.jpg
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  20. Nice! i used to hang a chunk of Biltong from my mirror,feel like a snack just slice a bit off.
    Great to see some pics of the cape,beautiful area.!

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