Can't see pics on work computer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mrs Majorhangover, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Obviously I am very busy and don't really have time for TLB during the day (hmmmm) but somehow I seem to have come onto the site by accident and was trying to have a catch up. Unfortunately, most of the pictures I can see are just red crosses in peoples posts/sigs (although I could see a couple in the show us your pet thread) but I can see in the in house smilies. I realise this is probably an evil work thing but if not is there anything I should change?

    We use Internet 7 here (sooo out of date) but at home I use Safari which is fine. Any ideas?
  2. Honky

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    I think you're right - this is probably works issue.

    Anyone else having this problem?
  3. Just to mention, this wasn't an issue "before" :)
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    get some work done mrs major ;D
  5. I am, I'm working on how to see pictures on The Late Bay :p ;D
  6. i can see them fine ... maybe your work has changed something
  7. I have the same trubble at work (when I open by mistake in work time)
  8. At least it's not just me then, they must have been fiddling around recently, cheek. Mind you, I can see Marowak's gnome picture which is nice ;D
  10. i cant see pics off forums at work either - i work for the local authority and the only images i can see on the forums (surfing, cars etc) are the ones embedded in the post - photobucket, flickr etc are blocked.

  11. yeah i think its something to do with that ...
  12. alls good for me both at work and at home....just tell work its an essential part of your life & they need to let you see piccies
  13. Yep, you're all geniuses, work has blocked Photobucket! They seem to have gone a bit mental recently and changed a load of accesses including my local home town forum which I promptly made them switch back on due to the riot updates in my area :mad:
  14. Usually there is this thing on the monitor called the "on" button, try finding that :) sorry couldn't resist it

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  16. my work once blocked this forum - i made them add it back ....

    not sure what my new job will be like

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