Campsites/wild camping on beaches.

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  1. Does anyone know of any places?
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    Ask Dean Butler. He's bound to know. I'd also like to know myself too. I love the idea of listening to the sea as you nod off.
  3. rich sea town up the road from lyme,just a pub and beach O0
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    The trouble with this is that as soon as people know about them they are spoiled but I'd like to know too.
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    There is one on the campervan culture website/video. Somewhere near Brighton.
  6. I think you can in Melon Udrigle in the NW Highlands. Long way to go though but very scenic. We always have beach fires up in the NW Highlands. But you can actually drive onto the beach in melon udrigle.

    I seriously recommend the NW Highlands in Summer. Weve sat on the beach having a drink and a fire and been watched by sea otters. (this was in Torridon)
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    In the carpark of Fort Haven, hardly wild. But free.
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  10. makes me want a t25 syncro
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    i've parked on black rock sands in wales near porthmadog, evidence of fires all around there but unsure if it's allowed
  13. The reason asked was because I was expecting to stumble across some in our travels in the West Country but most carparks now seem to charge or tell you to leave by a certain time.

    Ideas for cool spots around lakes are also welcome.
  14. I would go back to the Outer Hebrides at the drop of a hat, camped there last year (pre Marge) the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.
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