Campsites near Santander

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  1. Travelling from Santander to St Malo next summer, looking for a few nights near beach on Cantabria coast did this a long time ago but any recommendations. Once sorted will be looking at other places in Brittany area.
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  3. Ask @1973daisey ..
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  4. Now booked one at Biarittz as we land on a bank holiday w/e !! just need to sort rest fancy this site at Mont St Michel for last few days ;
  5. Good shout

    Quite basic but close to a Leclerc and in a pleasant small town environment, boulangerie, church bell sounding the hour etc.. ten minutes to the Dinard Beach.
    Not to far from the Mont St Michel honey trap either.

    or which is just off the main Rennes\St Malo D137

    Hope you have a great time..that's camping..
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    We've also stopped on the Il de Re near La Rochelle but I've forgotten what it's called. In fact in the 8? Years that we lived in Spain and drove back and forth to the uk I've stopped in tons that I've forgotten about!!

    @lost-en-france and @tuesday wild child live near to Saintes so will know some too :)
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  7. Just wing it. I did.
  8. That's part of the adventure.
    Went to the Dales this year and had only one site earmarked.. then explored.
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  9. it's the best way ,stop one night if that's a bit carpe , you can move on...

    Looooooooooooooads to choose from.....
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  10. We stayed 65 km away in pechon was lush

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  11. il de re is beautiful loved it there this year
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  12. Booked near Biaritz for few nights, as above may wing rest... leaving from St Malo so will look into a few nights near there soon.
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