Campsites ... Covid....grrr

Discussion in 'Northd' started by Dazza, Jun 25, 2020.

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    Well they certainly don’t need facilities , just black bag it and chuck it in the hedge bottom :thumbsup:
  2. Had this from south winds polzeath
    Glad I got the Eriba now :)
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  3. That’s annoying. No small campers or tents but they are going to open shower blocks and toilets? What am I missing?
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  4. They want to limit numbers and have cut the cheap end in favour of the high payers.
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  5. We've booked a campsite in mid-August for a long weekend. Staying in tents. Their washing facilities are only open to people that don't have facilities in their motorhome. Seems a sensible way of doing it

    Edit - and if you had the facilities in your motorhome, would you really want to use the shared facilities right now?
    A long weekend means we don't mind any of our small group not showering for a couple of days :D
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  6. If you had a fancy MH or CV with facilities, why use shared anyway?
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    It’s a nice time to chat to your neighbours, share bog roll and compare sploooshes, I’ll miss that camaraderie:eek:
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