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  1. don't suppose anybody can recommend a campsite near a canal in the Derbyshire / Staffordshire Area. we stopped few years ago at High Offley at the Anchor inn,just wondered if any of you smashing chaps might be able to help.
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    how close to a canal? what part of staffs?
  3. @jammy , Shardlow Marina campsite is on the Trent but it's less than 5 minutes walk to the Trent & Mersey canal and the village conservation area. The 7 local pubs are all within about 10 minutes gentle stagger of each other and offer food & real ales.
    It's basic but popular with loads of safe space for kids & a bar/restaurant on site showing live bands etc (Smithys)

    Mrs Monkey works here:

    If you like your canals, Shardlow has some historic interest

    It's also a short drive away from Tent Lock and the Erewash Canal.

    The Anchor is a one off and Olive and her daughter are real characters, known throughout the waterways network. Your choice of Wadworths 4X or Carling, non of "that other fancy stuff" :D.
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  4. thanks, will have look at Shardlow, yes The Anchor is gem, in the evening the canal folk turn up with instruments and start playing, tempted to go back but just wondered if there was any more in the area. cheers
  5. short walk, near a pub, Anywhere in Staffs to be honest
  6. The old boy who moors alongside the field opposite the Anchor on the old tarpaulin covered working boat, Mal Edwards, is one of the last surviving N0.1's.
    No.1's were private owner operators who plied their trade up & down the waterways providing commercial transportation services.
    He's now a fender and rope maker and a very good one. He probably would have been one of the musicians you met as his CD of old boating tunes is on sale in the pub. Happy days...and roll on those balmy summer evenings :thumbsup:.
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  7. he certainly is, he wears a black leather waistcoat, I never heard of a fender maker so looked it up when we came back, I'm sure he had an interview on Radio 2 , years back when I put his name in . he was a nice chap.we walked up to the Haberdashers Arms too they had veg show on, really enjoyed it at the Anchor, it wasn't full of numptys camping either, well till we turned up.

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