WANTED Campingaz 907 Bottle

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  1. looking for a Campingaz 907 gas bottle (don't want to spend £40 + refill @ go outdoors).

    I am based in Chippenham, Wiltshire.
  2. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Think I may have one but I'm in Sheffield
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  3. Many thanks for the offer @Merlin Cat, but yea a tad to far to travel.
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  4. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I have one too - but Macclesfield based.
  5. Why is everyone so far away :thinking::p
  6. Have you tried BCH Camping, who have stores in Chippenham, Bath and Trowbridge...?
  7. I have a couple im in kent , try your local scrap metal /tip place they sometimes have them and may give or charge you a fiver ??
  8. I've got two. In Kent also. Will probably be going Techenders if it helps?
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  9. i have one near Frome and will be going to volksworld
  10. I needed one and like you didn't want to pay £40+ so looked on the local for sale pages on the internet and picked one up half full for £15. I'm amazed how many I've seen for sale on the local for sale pages on Facebook since I bought mine for very reasonable money around £10.
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  11. i have one on Gloucestershire
  12. I have seven , in France...:thumbsup:
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  13. Hi check out ebay
    full delivered £33.95
    There are quite a few others listed.
  14. Tip!Tip!Tip!

    I bought one from halfords, like an idiot. The little price tag didn't say it was empty, nothing around did. So for £35, I kinda figured it had some gas in it. It did not, and naturally was swapped out for the scabbiest nastiest one available when I went for a fill.
    Then I got a spare, from the tip. Cost me nothing and was in better nick :)
    Alternatively Ebay'd have an empty one for a fiver.
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  15. PIE


    I cant believe someone else is not making an alternative, I am thinking of making a cooker and fridge that work with a small burner where you tightly roll£10 notes and burn them, I reckon it would work out cheaper than camping Gaz
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  16. I need another 6....:D
  17. i have 2 £500 delivered
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  18. I recently got a 904 from eBay...£3...keep checking...they do crop up occasionally.

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