Camping in the Cotswolds @ Swinbrook 31st July 1st & 2nd August 2015

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  1. Any particular area for the tickling?
  2. Flower buds, apparently you use a rabbits tail.
  3. Ehh?
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  4. i havnt seen mine for over a week but if anyone wants to tickle it errrm
  5. I felt a little chilly last night. Is that the same thing?
  6. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Have you ever considered a little Autumn weekend Keith :)
  7. When do you want one, pick a date
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  8. Be careful though.
  9. I had word with our rabbit, but he's quite reluctant to let me use his tail. He's much more interested in watching TV than being helpful

  10. Knock, knock, knock, Amy.
    Knock, knock, knock, Amy.
    Knock, knock, knock, Amy.
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  11. Cant beat a Big Bang
  12. It's still growing!



    The bunnys tickling has worked, there's fruit on it's way too!

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  13. :D
    Told you! You need to tickle it, ours is covered in Fruit and we just made another batch of Chili Vodka. :beer:
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  14. We've got 4 coming through at the moment, but loads more little flowers, so I guess it's tickle time again. Do the chilis change colour when they're done?
  15. Yep, they'll either go Brown or Red when ready depending on the type you've got.
  16. Cool, I'll keep the updates coming. We're not very green fingered here so it's quite exciting to me
  17. Warning! Once ready these little buggers are HOT STUFF. I use just one the size of your finger nail to make a whole bottle of Chili Vodka, even then I only leave it in the Voddy for a week then take it out and use it in a curry.
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  18. Noted, thanks.
  19. Update, The Springbok invaders have polished off the Chilli Vodka and pronounced the single Chilli/one week combination to be "just right".
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  20. Well this is a first, the field made me some money today instead of costing me :) , filming Brigitte Jones 3 in the church and they hired the field for parking and catering, drove through this morning and spotted Renee whatshername having a cuppa during a break


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