Camping in the Cotswolds @ Swinbrook 3/4/5 th August 2018

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  1. Kinell moosh, what happened? Bad luck
  2. No, we didn't. Not to worry, I cleaned him up with a wet wipe.:thumbsup:
  3. I can hear you
  4. Paul is more of a cacher than I am, he's on a three year streak of getting at least one every day. We just got the one in the wall with the little bottle. He went out caching while I was parkrunning yesterday.

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  5. :rolleyes:
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  6. Fingers crossed:thumbsup:
  7. not sure!!! heard grinding noise then cut out. spoke to my mate who thinks main bearings may have gone!!! he will be round later to check it over. lucky I have another engine all built up in the garage ready to go. hopefully it is not the gearbox as well!!!
  8. Many thanks to Keith, had lovely time, can't wait for next year
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  9. Why have you sent your thanks a day late??? ;)

    Good to meet you there.
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  10. I only left at six this morning! I spent Sunday night as the sole resident:)
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  11. looks like a busy weekend ,
    probably busier next year, well done kieth

    we was in a damp [at times] wales...:)

  12. Was supposed to be up to Donington Park for a weekend of classic bike racing but sitting on the M25 carpark an executive descision was made to sack the idea of 4+ hours on the M1 and head up the M40 to see the great
    unwashed :D

    Great to see everyone and catch up on Friday night - very relaxing :thumbsup:

    I`m sure things degenerated nicely on Saturday night - as we left about 11 am @sANDYbAY was flourishing his cocktail menu but tempting as it was we had to head North . Took the scenic route through the Cotswolds which could have ended in tears as a pheasant shot out of a hedgerow hitting the windscreen at about 50mph and trashing the wipers , could have been worse but luckily the windscreen held o_O

    All in all a top weekend , thanks to @Keith.H for his hospitality and everyone else just for being themselves ....

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  13. Shame ! Just missed you on Sat

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  14. @SeanOC did you get any pics of those critters we cooked?
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  15. We are definitely going to come along next year!! Place is great, nice to meet some new faces and a real shame with so much going on we couldn't stay over.
    Thanks for having us for the day though @Keith.H :)
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  16. He was too busy crying into his rather spicy spatch cock chicken (or whatever we nicknamed it at the time) :mad: that is not an angry face, it is the colour of Sean's face :)
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  17. Another garlic spatchcock from the butchers..? @SeanOC
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  18. It wasn't garlic, it was red!
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  19. LOL, I think just the Lemon & Garlic next time, none of those damned 'CHILLIES'

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  20. Hmmm, Too much Chilli by far

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