Camping in the Cotswolds #9 @ Swinbrook 6/7/8/th August 2021

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  1. Love the pic of our van!:thumbsup:
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  2. Chrisd

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    Great weekend that beat the forecast of dire weather and turned out great all round. See you all soon.
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  3. Massive thanks @Keith.H for letting us use your lovely field.

    Thanks to Wayne & team at the cricket club.

    Finally settled my debt with @Lasty who loaned me cash this time last year.

    I was debt free for about 4 hours before @Lasty came to my rescue again....this time with a full campingaz!

    Lovely to see you all.

  4. Faust

    Faust Supporter

    Good to see everyone and we both had a great time as per usual . The lethal Westons cider somehow made me sleep like a top ....and a special thanks to Keith H for making these weekends possible .
    It really is something great to look forward to :thumbsup:.

    Journey surprisingly hold up free . Chipping Norton , A3400 Shipston on Stour . A429 to M40 ...M 42 .A38 ...A52 Ashbourne 3 hours and a numb arse .
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  5. mikedjames

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    IMG_0055.JPG IMG_0037.JPG
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  6. MorkC68

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  7. MorkC68

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    We both had a brilliant weekend so a big thanks to @Keith.H for making us welcome and an equally big thank you to Wayne and Maxine for the excellent barbeque, it was delicious!

    Great to see everyone and spend time with you all, weekends like these make great memories..cant wait to do it all again!!

    Had heavy rain heading towards Nottingham, which proved Major is more watertight than I anticipated.
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  8. Razzyh

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    Subaru blew his toupee off I reckon
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  9. Muppet

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  10. MorkC68

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    :lol: I reckon you may be right :D
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    Her indoors ought to have said summat before now, I never knew there was one :(
  13. . Did you not see her pointing it out to everyone

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    I must have been totally oblivious to it :eek:
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  15. Lovely weekend in a beautiful part of the country, thanks all but especially Keith for putting this on for us
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  16. Best to find that out before you do the NC500 Mark! :thumbsup:
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    Indeed it is mate! :hattip:
  18. Had an amazing chilled weekend… quite proud of myself for lighting the fire last night… albeit with the help of some fellow campers firelighters thank you to Keith and can’t wait to be adding the weekend to 2022 calendar!

    This thread seemed like a good place to poach any potential interest so apologies in advance, if I have gone against the etiquette and rules of TLB

    We have decided it’s time to sell Poppy the Pod, originally bought as a blank canvas and empty shell as a replica Westfalia Funeral Trailer, we have put a new door on, windows resealed and a compartment for leisure battery to charge phones etc. Recently repainted inside, two side benches fold together to create a sleeping pod - big enough for two children/teens to sleep - available to view, have popped on here before we decide where to list it for sale as most of you will have seen Poppy at gatherings etc.

    For more details, photos, price etc, please DM myself or Mr Robo and will be happy to answer any questions.

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  19. bluerustybucket

    bluerustybucket Supporter

    Thanks for a great weekend everyone. especially Keith and the guys at the cricket club. Lovely spot and somehow the weather didn't end up to bad
  20. As per above thanks… great weekend. Cheers @Keith.H
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