Camping, Capesthorne hall Macclesfield, Cheshire,

Discussion in 'Cheshire' started by Geordie, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. I have been reading threads on camping in the uk so i thought would add to the list.

    First camp-out with wife and son, last year, so went local to Capesthorne Hall, although a bit expensive the place was amazing, you are free to walk around the estate gardens, lakes, woodland and much more.
    Camp-site, electric hook-up lots. facilities first class, showers, toilet washrooms great. No camp fire allowed. No Shops Although there is a posh tea room. Top the trip off there was a car show on the Sunday so i joined in and had a great day.


    Think will do it again this year.
  2. shall have a look at that this year only ten mins up the road.:)
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  3. Taiga sounds like a plain
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  4. Flakey

    Flakey Supporter

    Might be a venue for this year's Xmas Bbq instead of Tatton?
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  5. Fantastic pics. Your van looks great - well worth all the effort that's gone in
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  6. cunny44

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    Sounds good - go there for car shows with my MG - didn't know that they had a camp site though.
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  7. paulcalf

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    lovely bus and pictures.

    I bet it would be cold camping anywhere tonight!
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  8. jivedubbin

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    we have stayed there .the shower and toilet block is the best I've ever seen but the house had a wedding show on
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  9. Thanks you mean freezing!
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  10. DIdn't no there was camping.went a few years ago must have been the classic bike and car show.
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  11. We went there years ago to watch an open air play. Can't remember much except that the rooks in the nearby wood were so noisy it drowned out the actors' voices. Brilliant night
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  12. Jack Tatty

    Jack Tatty Supporter

    We camped there probably 10 years ago in a lovely hired tintop prototype bay from 100% Slow, (wonder what happened to them?). Very nice site and facilities.
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