Camperjam 2011

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    Cj 2011
    Friday was upon us and the Volvo was packed , Will n Lou had finished school and i had the night booked off in preperation for a weekend with some vw cyber friends at weston park shrops , With a niggle regarding the recently fitted volvo cv joint in the back of my mind we set off on the 40 mile journey at about 6pm , halfway there and in the middle of Woverhampton the niggle reached fruition - the gear box began to whine , i pulled over and sure enough the gearbox seal had gone and ejeculated the oil , great start -- refilled the oil as best i could and slowly trundled the last 10 miles to cj at 40mph .

    We reached weston park at 7.30 and spent a age queuing to get in , but it was worth it !!.
    As soon as we got to the latebay enclave our friends descended upon us , my official stalker ( baybirmingham ) was away to the cooker making teas , rickyroo1 and Dubious had our tent erected in a shot -

    over tea Lou looked at me contented - we felt at home already .

    After tea it was time to meet the rest of the gang -- strangely though there seemed to be a gap the size of Wales between rickyroos van and the next latebayer - still it would suffice as a helicopter landing pad in case of emergency ! .

    The rest of the gang were equally as welcoming ,and on friday we had Donnydubber , Alanred7 , the hippyhoughs , the wilma's ,paradox , sandybay , beckyip , vw olive , jivedubbin , lmpd , poptop2 , Dubious , rickyroo1 of course baybirmingham and their amazing ( on the road and campable ) vans dog n dubs were there too but selling ..

    A drinkie poo around the fire was the order of the evening and jolly nice it was too , sat there amongst our cyber friends -- thing was i felt like i'd known them for years , so comfortable in fact i got a little tipsy .After a comfortable night between loo and door finished off with a dawn wash down with wet wipes i finally hit the sleeping bag --

    i dreamed that DUBious rowed with his wife about the size of his sausage and woke the whole campsite at 06.30 - silly thing to dream .

    Saturday was shower , show , hillboarding and tug o war ( how i got roped in as captain i will never know ) fancy dress and try to act sober day .The Hillboarding was bonding , its amazing how unsympathetic and smiley friends become when you fall off a board , Donnydubber and dubious beer in hand were the hero's of the hill boarding , me n bayb were pretty awful - still we would show our metal in the tug o war ---4pm and we mustered in the main arena , the support was wonderful , we the tug o war team would be victorious .

    Thebricksh-tehouseworks had differnt idea's, so too did the we hate all the pie's north Anglesea air rescue coolled team -- it is at this point i have to say -- we should have tied the rope to a convenient bus -- we lost despite the superb support in magnificent fashion , we dug in held fast and they leaned back -- all over .

    Yet we still had hopes in the fancy dress , jivedubbin ( or jabba the beach hut ) was in it with mrs jd , limpd -- i still can't work out what they were apart from scary -- they got a third between them , well done you guys , we drank to that .

    Sunday was pack away day and show n shine day , Alanred7 kept our end up in the show n shine and shoulda got something for his efforts , his van was well turned out , i think he's gettin a new front bumper for next year .Our vw friends were a pleasure , the weather was tropical and the show a treat , i can't fill you on with all the laugh's we had , the jokes we told and the smiles we wore , so will leave it like this -

    Next year we are gonna do it again , camperjam is one of the best !.
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    Great memories malc :eek:
  3. Great weekend and since vanfest prices have gone up camperjam will be my dub pilgramige
  4. Was the best show we have been to yet!!!! ;D

    Will be back again next year for sure!!
  5. it was an amazing weekend
  6. We loved the company and cant wait till we can all meet up again.

    We will be going next year with newly fitted bumpers. :) :D ;D ;)
  7. A great account of a great weekend!!! 8)
  8. it was a great show 8)

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