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  1. I’m not overly happy with the child seat being fitted on the rock and roll bed. It doesnt have stitched on covers as they are vinyl and cloth reverseable.

    However, I have in the garage a middle seat, it won’t fit as is as we have a small cooker sink unit fitted. I’m thinking about cutting down the middle seat to a single seat, welding in an isofix bar, and adding a seat belt mount on the c post behind the slider. This should get Issi up front with us and on a really solid seat.

    Has anyone tried this? Got any insights before I cut this middle seat up? Suspect i’ll only get one go!
  2. Would it not be better to use something more solid than half a VW seat as the base for a child seat ? I can imagine it being more likely to twist in the event of an accident.
    Can you find another modern single seat that takes a child seat which you could weld to a frame and bolt down to the fixing points? Maybe something like Peugeot removable single rear seats?

    Also check the value of an intact middle row seat before hitting it with the angle grinder.
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  3. I’m not worried about how sturdy it is. It’s sturdy. It weighs a bloomin tonne.

    I like the idea of it matching the other seats in style. But the idea of a middle seat with a built in shoulder belt is quite attractive.

    Are they valuable? Or just rare? I’ve never seen one for sale. That doesn’t mean they are worth owt! And it would match up nicely and still be in a veedub.
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    They aren’t particularly rare or sought after, I think chopping it in half is perfectly good idea done properly, the seatbelt attaches to the B pillar and the floor
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