Camper Mart - Telford International Centre - 15th Jan 2012

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  2. jivedubbin

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    Won't bother next year the queue to get in took 45mins .parking was organized by a 5 year was worse than soup kitchen and there wasn't any auto jumble
  3. 72wilma

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    Yep agree with jivedubbin. And the Tattoo festival people could get into the camper hall but not vice versa... :-

    No autojumble, few traders... We went for parts and autojumble so a tad disappointed. The roller derby was good to watch though so I reckon we got our £12 worth! (cost of entry). This will probably get better next year and I like the idea of entertainment: bands, roller derby, bmx/skateboard ramps.
  4. i got my moneys worth with the late bay discount from mad mats cheers mark
    and a nice show price on a westie roof canvas from Wolfsburg Classic Parts
    but other than that nothing good to say about it :eek:
  7. any idea what discount madmatz offer?
  10. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    or, you could win a set in the poll on here....cheers mark excellent mats!
  12. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

  16. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    cheers mark i'll take some pics etc and mail you over the next few days.
  17. Morning,

    We’re back from setting down the event and I wanted to thank you for the many comments - both good and bad. I have read though many of them on various forums, facebook pages and in our own questionnaires - and it seems we must try a lot harder next year, and we will.

    This was the first event and from experience I know that you do not always get things right, so we listen and adjust. The same happened when we first started Camper Jam and after a few years of hard work we have turned this event into something many of you really enjoy. Hopefully the same will be said about Camper Mart in years to come.

    We did have a few traders not turn up and yes, I agree of the VW related traders that were there, some were light on stock, but this is out of our hands really. We do need more VW stands and auto jumble and this will be worked on. I am sure you can appreciate from ours and a traders point of view, a first event of any kind is hard to get off the ground, but we managed to get thousands of people through the door, creating a busy 1st show, which is a good sign for increasing VW traders to future events.

    Hope to see you at Camper Jam in July - and with Camper Mart you can rest assure we will start to correct the many concerns regarding this year’s event. Having said that many of you did enjoy much of it, so we must have got some things right ;)

    Thank you for your comments and support for our events and magazines, Stuart.
  18. well to be honest... its on my door step 15 mins away.
    was earliest 9.40am so parking was ok.
    no direction to what quue was where,
    the doors opened at 10:04 to be precise, not 10am.. am i being picky,
    then there was one person taking the stubs from prepaid tickets and stamping hands, wtf.
    i would of got in quicker paying a tenner, but that would not of happened..
    and then as said tattoo show was extra i did not see there was a friggin tatto show on at the time when booked tickets or it would be extra to view, But not for them to view the campermart,
    obviously this meant more people would be attending and the parking would be inadequate. people paid £2:50 to find they could not park and had to park else where at a extra cost.
    So in all enjoyed the 1 1/2 hrs i spent there, wheres as Dub freeze i would of been there all day..and not paid for parking and they got friggin acres to park in.
    Top marks to Just Kampers. Dogs n dubs, schoffield, mega bug, scooter and his kite stand. lite steering, and max v
    and every one else that made it, sorry to see red 9 design never made it, and any others.
  19. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    Somewhere to sit while eating .not to much to ask .luckily we bought sandwiches in greggs while trying to find our way from the car park.
  20. Hi CamperJam - agree with some of the comments - had hoped for autojumble and a few too many clothes not associated with VW but that depends on who books a slot - but still managed to pick up parts I needed and had a good few hours at the show.

    We parked at the shopping centre just up from the Centre £1 all day !!! Result!

    Please keep going with this - from my point of view mid winter, bus in bits, need parts, must head to show !!

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