Camper kitchen interior pictures

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  1. I'm looking for inspiration on camper kitchen interiors, can you post up pictures of your camper interior please.
  2. Full width bed or 3/4 width?
    I've got 3/4 so can have more down one side rather than behind the passenger seat.
    Here you go.....
    camper kitchen.jpg
  3. Errr..........?
  4. Westy Berlin delux 76 HPIM2669.JPG HPIM2670.JPG
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  5. One thing if I was doing mine again is instead of cupboards I would have draws
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  7. Depends on how you pack your van...I tend to stuff things in cupboards and force door shut ( also stops rattles ) my brother in law has tambour doors..... they wouldn't take any abuse .... but they do look nice.
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