Camper Jam Weston Park, Shropshire 3-5th July 2015

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  1. Plus cant remember security being that good ,couldn't you come for a day then somebody give you there pass/ticket once there in to get you in camping ?
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  2. We are going, our second visit but first in a Campervan. The first visit last year was in our Seat Ibiza+tent :(
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  3. What time are folks arriving at thelatebay hq
  4. As soon as we can leave work, should be there about 6 ish :thumbsup:
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  5. Hopefully landing around 3-4pm but nothing goes to plan.
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  6. Got to love an air cooled plan :D
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  7. Any plan including kids is also likely to crash and burn.
    Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em. Well that's what Social Services said.
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  8. My 2 kids will be with me to
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  9. We should be there early leaving Ashbourne at 11am
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  10. Looking at Friday after work ,

    Anyone interested in the tug of war , you have to register your team by 14.00 hrs saturday at the information tent
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  12. I'll have a tug. Unfortunately the muscles of the family is playing the 'injury' card but I'm sure she'll tell me where I'm going wrong.
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  13. I'm sure we could get team late bay :confused: Me and mrs daisy be up for that to :beer:
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  14. I know @Spacecowboyuk has managed to get some tickets so I'm sure roger and jackie would be in to :thumbsup:
  15. ok so last time we did this it was an unmitagated disaster up against the big boys on the brickhouse forum , but what the hell its a good laugh ,
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  16. Yeah we're send the kids over tickle em :p Be a laugh
  17. Errr did we jusy get nominated?:eek:
  18. Can you pick some lotto numbers for me?
  19. We've got to get the boy from school and then we can get going. Travelling from Manchester so not far.
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