Camper & Bus 8/9/10 Aug (Photo heavy)

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  1. That's EARLY BAYS, there's a clue in the name up there ^^^^^^^. ;)
    I took 2 hours to walk around the camping area, photographing every late bay that I could find, then sat at the exit in case I missed some. There were only 3 in the whole Show'n'shine.
  2. Soz - i took it as bays in general, although not dis- beleiving you, but surely there was more than 18 lates there!
    I did a 5 hour shift marshalling on the friday (checking out all the incoming motors lol ) and it seemed a good mix of all vw, didnt seem any shortage of bays to be fair!

    Perhaps next year you should take this lot in hand :D And get some there to give us a spanking in the club displays? Think the splitty boys are having a go at the next one too :theforce:
  3. Great pics Glyn
    Great weekend, loved it all apart from the rain Sunday! See you there next year!
  4. great show n pics, nice to meet other tlbs ! well done @Beaver :chewie:,bin in wales rest of week found some wfi for tintoenet, heading back to yorkshire tomoz to wash mi undies ready for skeggy friday :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  5. How's Travis' new tent?
  6. Loads of pics now on C+B website
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  7. Excellent I will have a good look when I get home.
  8. I was surprised to see how close some people could park to the edge of their marked out pitch ;) Oi you, Get awf my land :D
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    Brilliant shot of @Beaver at No 52. :)
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    That is a great photo!
  11. image.jpg
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  12. rubbish we binned it ,
  13. That's a shame. Maybe someone else will fish it out and give it a go
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    Wayyyy better than mine :(

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