Campdown 2012 - Black rock sands Porthmadog North Wales 23rd-25th March

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  1. that last pic needs framing dude
  2. Paradox is right, can i have a copy too. looks fantastic. O0 :thinking: :)
  3. Cheers guys :thumbsup:
    I know its an early but check out this shot - took on a mobile then shopped.
    I didnt want to get to close to the salt water :)

  4. Fantastic breakfast on the beach as well :)

  5. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    wow! i've driven on black rock in a landy, i'm up for the march do that looks ace.
  6. I went there in my little polo all packed up and we nearly got stuck in the sand was great fun and is only a hour or so from Aberystwyth and will be up there alot next year ;D
  7. 72wilma

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    this looks like a good one for a March TLB meet-up, me thinks :)
  9. Anyone up for a TLB Meet here then?
  10. Yes I am :)
    I will be going regardless
  11. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    what's the dates? can't access f/b at work and don't "do it" anyway...
  13. Final Campdown 2012 is the 4rd instalment of this event, same as before a chilled out weekend with nice people at a lovely location down by the beach!

    This is a none profit event,all you have to pay for is camping and a small fee towards the band you will not be disappointed, very famous band around the north west of england and very very loud,1 minute walk to beach , perfect for kiting, jetski ing , boating , canoeing etc etc ,

    Best of all the site is open on this weekend just for this event, most other sites will be closed.

    The facility's in the park are of a high standard and include a modern, heated un-metered showers and toilets with free hot water, electrical hookups, coin operated laundrette and an excellent children's play are that meats all required safety standards.

    Available on park:
    Disabled facility's
    Brick's for use of disposable BBQ

    Price is £10 per person per nite
    Electric hookup £3 per nite
    Under 12 years old are free
    Dogs r free but must be kept on a lead at all times on the campsite
    and a small fee to pay for the band

    Pass the word.
    OCTOBER 12th - 14th
  15. my nana's 80th... sorry x
  16. Dub Del post it up in the events you might get abit more interest in there :)

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