calling all vw experts advise on a new bus purchase

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by vwmad1mk2, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. found a new bus i may buy soon
    looked at it and its no worse than the one ive got.
    thing is how do i know its genuine van and wot can i do to check it out
    ive got the reg no.the chassis no. is there
    ive been told its a devon tintop and every points to that ?
    thing is ive bourght loads of motors before but monies tight at mo for everyone i dont want to get skanked over so all advise would be apre !
    is a online check good enough
    is there good and bad ones checks that is :thinking:
    bought the last van blind on ebay and it worked out ok ^-^
    i know their is some real serious van experts on here so please could you help
  2. mind you think ive covered every thing
    but you never no
  3. New one in better nick than the one you got ?
  4. Does the owner look genuine or does he look a bit dodgy.. ;) C:)
  5. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    can't you put some pictures up?
  6. to be honest the owners a good dub nut
    hes done a few restros on the t2 in his time but now turned to the darkside of t4
    seems genuine enough
    and the bus is a little better than mine was and more original
    but still needs plently of work

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