Caerfai Bay - The best campsite I've stayed in West Wales

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  1. So me and the Mrs got back from a trip around Pembrokeshire (after a devastating breakdown on the way to the Peak District) and we ended staying two nights in Caerfai Bay campsite near St Davids.

    It was perfect! The pitch we had overlooked the Bay and the site was immaculate. Its a 10-15 min walk from the main road into the City and is right next to the Pembrokeshire Coastal path. There is hookup and a kitchen as well as an immaculate shower block with lovely warm showers. There is also a really nice pub about 10 mins walk with lovely food.

    Definitely recommended folks!

    ps. Pitches 1-10 are amazing so see if you can get these!
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  2. Looks good, we are looking at going to Pembrokeshire in June/July for 10 days or so, so def will check this out. Any other decent places you stayed at round that way?
  3. Yep its a good one, could also try Lleithier Farm a bit further over near Whitesands if Caerfai looks a bit full!!
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    Good to hear - going there in June :thumbsup:
  5. Me too :eek:
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    It's not in the lake district you know....
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  7. I also stayed in Newport in a great campsite called Ty Canol. Its open all year round and the old fella that runs the site comes around with whiskey and offers to take you to the local brewery! Hes also got a clubhouse.....its actually an open barn with loads of free cans on a table which you make a small contribution towards - hes also got a fire pit which he encourages people on the site to sit around and chill.

    Its a 10 minute walk from Newport city with a few nice pubs. Also, fun fact, its where TEAFORTHREE (Grand National horse) does his training.

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    We are there now - it will be stunning when it stops raining ;)
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    i think the welsh tourist board booked their annual dry day for august 2nd this year.
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    The forecast is actually not too bad .....
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    they forge the forcast so we go there - they stopped burning our property in their country and now try to drown us.
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  12. Sounds like my sort of place
  13. My cousin was the guy who was prosecuted for the fire bombings in 1993ŵr
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  14. Yes for being related to the soft twonk who got himself caught

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