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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Beakey, Jan 11, 2012.

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  2. hi Beakey glad your back, life has its ups and downs , just think of all the ups you have to come, to compensate. :)
    Hope things get better for you ,its tough but at least if you come on here you can always find someone who "might "cheer you up, At least you dont have to sleep with them?? and if you do slag em off !! they will only write the odd 15 or so pages about it, that was some thread ay.Keep smiling :) :) we all have to be a @hailfrank sometimes and some of us get addicted pmsl :)) :)).Its good to talk as they say. Ill shut up now .peace :)
  4. Beakey you think you've got problems! I'm still married ;)
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  7. I go away for a couple of days and miss all sorts of stuff, why didn't someone call me :thinking: oh I know you all hate me too ;)
  9. BEAKEY you @hailfrank ;D
  11. If your not carefull this could get out of hand it could even run out of control
  12. Iv had relationship problems of my own lately too , stayed away from tlb & the like because iv not been in a fun mood . not even been watching the telly tbh .
    feeling a bit better now so im back to call you all tossers
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    Does anybody think that there might be a connection between being on here a lot and having relationship problems?

    Just a thought - chicken and egg type of conundrum :thinking:
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  19. I can give you a full suit if you want but as i explained to Woody the arm one is better for quite a few safety reasons! ;)

    if you want a go lets get a TLB dog chase club going! ;D
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