Buying onions please

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snotty, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Anyone going down to Asdas?

    I’ll have three in a bag, please.
  2. I bought a box of 50 onion setts off ebay about the same time as I was buying a load of bolts. I forgot about the onions and wondered why the bolts I had bought were a bit light and plasticky when I shook the box..
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  3. I`m down there later for some shallots so not a massive inconvenience as they`re in the same aisle :)

    Red or white ??

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  4. I thought you shopped at Waitrose, old boy?
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  5. There no more left, you could say thats shallot
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  6. He does. The onions he wraps as presents for his staff. He can’t wait to see their faces light up when they unwrap them. No point wasting good Waitrose onions on the help.
  7. Moons

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    I’m surprised some idiot hasn’t already made a mess of the name Charlotte with Shallot.
  8. I am always deeply concerned by the Hamble Harbour Masters administrator. She is called Charon. ( or Sharon in the mind of some illiterati parents..)
    All I can think of is the ferry man and coins on the eyes of corpses.
    Which from where I live makes Warsash into Hades, but Charon works on the Warash side, and the Hamble Ferry man is quite nice..

    The illiterati run the world through Facebook and Twitter.
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  9. I bought a coat for you while I was down there...
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  10. Cyril Fletcher
    That's Life
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  11. Can you hold on to it for me until winter please. I only wear budgie smugglers in summer. It’s a talking point with customers
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  12. Careful with that propane torch :eek:
  13. I thought you got yours delivered by frenchmen on bicycles.
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  17. :eek:
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  18. Terrordales

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    I'm growing my own onions these days.
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  19. FTFY
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