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Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by rustybus75, May 10, 2017.

  1. thumbnail_2.. (1).jpg thumbnail_2 (1).jpg thumbnail_2 (2).jpg thumbnail_3...jpg thumbnail_3..jpg thumbnail_4..jpg thumbnail_5.jpg thumbnail_6..jpg thumbnail_7.jpg 18136448_1548136705217805_836985683_n.jpg thumbnail_2.. (1).jpg thumbnail_2 (1).jpg thumbnail_2 (2).jpg thumbnail_3...jpg thumbnail_3..jpg thumbnail_4..jpg thumbnail_5.jpg thumbnail_6..jpg 18136448_1548136705217805_836985683_n.jpg hello ladies and gentlemen, and youngsters, if you are on here, I am new to the page, and to the type 2 world.
    at 22 years of age, and numerous type 1 beetles, in various states, i decided it was time to up my game, and buy something that i would love forever, and complete one of my life goals of owning a bay window panel van!

    now, i'm an oddball, you'll find this out as you meet me, however I can't help but prefer a bay over a split, and after spending months, hunting down a good UK bay panel van, i started to give up hope.. was it because i specifically wanted a bay panel van? so i started looking for normal bays, which would be easier to weld the windows up than to find a panel van, but whilst searching for the perfect base, i came across a guy on eBay, under the name harrisuk1994 who was selling a few various lhd greek import panelvans, which got me thinking, being in greece, its mainly dry, so would surely be the perfect base for my dream, and plus, i dont mind which side of the van i sit to steer :) so after a month or two, of mailing back and forth i decided on a single van that was shown to me, that looked ace! i could see so much potential. below are the only 9 photo's i recieved... talk about taking a plunge.

    next was a £200 deposit, for the transporter to be arranged, and then another deposit of £1000, which i'm telling you now, is a scary amount of money for anyone to pass over let alone a 22 year old, who's first time buying his dream vehicle, and importing for the first time! anyways, the money was sent and i had a few pictures recieved back, of it loaded on the transporter! This was at that moment in time, one of the best feelings ever, knowing you actually handed money over to someone you could trust.. or at least trust enough.
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  2. Welcome along Pete ;)

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  3. Terrordales

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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:

    I'll get a panel van one day ................... I hope. :rolleyes:
  4. Well done looks like you have got exactly what you wanted ..
    Welcome to TLB and all our malarkey.
  5. Kalispera from Notts!
  6. It took me 5 years to find my right hand panel
  7. Flakey

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    Welcome from Cheshire, someone on here was selling a Greek panelvan that they'd already brought back I think!
  8. Bonjour ,looks a tidy jobby....:hattip:

    I would see if the fuel pipe does go under the main pully or it's just a random pipe....
  9. Baysearcher

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    You'll grow balls of steel driving a lhd panelvan on the left hand side of the road!
  10. It's easy driving a LHD van on UK roads - just got to be that bit more observant and use your mirrors - a lot- so you know what's around you.

    Let us know when the van arrives in the UK. Looks like a nice solid bus
  11. Welcome along and this ^^^ That will be great fun when you come up to one of those road junctions that are at 45 degrees to the road you are joining :)
  12. Poptop2

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  13. Welcome from Cornwall .
  14. Baysearcher

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    No problem in a bus. A panelvan is interesting!
  15. I have the plastic (completely clouded up) double glazing all round in my bus - like having no windows at all :( He will be just fine:thumbsup:
  16. cheers all, luckily enough my dad owned a LHD split panelvan, so i understand the worries! il just try not to bother overtaking especially as im having a cab dividier so wont be able to check the back window haha! il update this thread real soon, it turned out to be a rusty bus!!
  17. Well done ! When is it due in the country?
  18. its arrived now! @busloverkent shows how excited ive been ive forgot to update the thread.

    its now partially stripped, and the cab floors are now removed, and the steering box is in the process of being located a tad higher ;)

    got a really good score on new panels as well, brand new complete front arches, cab floor, rear arch, 2 rear battery trays, 2 rear corners all for the mighty fee of.....

    £250 :)
  19. Aw
    esome... let's see some pics!
  20. why do you need to raise the steering box?

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