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    Private sales only unless you are a sponsor. If you are a trader you need to be a sponsor.
    For the purposes of this forum, a "trader" will be anyone deemed to be buying and selling to make a profit, not someone just selling a few spares from their garage. Traders are also those offering services.

    If you've got loads of spares to sell, please put it all on 1 thread rather than fill the boards up with dozens of separate threads. We will merge or delete multiple threads as deemed necessary.

    All threads need
    • a price
    • a location
    • a photo
    • some form of contact details
    • no ebay links
    • no vehicle sales without a v5 or equivilent
    Any threads that do not contain the above are likely to be deleted.

    You can contact @hailfrank on

    Top banners £100 for 12 months
    Side banner £40 for 12 months
    Trader with no banner £20 for 12 months

    THE ABOVE WILL BE DONATED TO SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

    Buying and selling on TLB is done so at your own risk. Having said that, if anything goes wrong the TLB team will do everything we can to help resolve the issue. Ultimately it is you as the buyer or seller who is responsible for the transaction.

    We make the following suggestions:-
    • If you pay will PayPal do not do so as a Gift, if you pay as a Gift you will not be able to retract the money if anything goes wrong.
    • Collect in person if possible but only meet where you feel comfortable – perhaps take a friend.
    • We ask that all sellers provide contact details in adverts – note these down and perhaps give them a call.
    • Each member will have their number of posts and amount of karma listed to the left of their posts, the higher these numbers are the more likely they are a trusted member of TLB (but use your discretion).If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.We advise that if an items is being posted, use a service that tracks the parcel and requires signature on receipt.If the item for sale is not to your tastes, please show the seller some respect and not slate the goods without valid reason
    These are only guidelines and suggestions; we remind you again, it is your responsibility not that of TLB.
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